The Issue With Sharing the Same Divorce Lawyer in NJ

May 24, 2022

It is Considered a Conflict of Interest When a Couple Attempts to Use the Same Divorce Lawyer You and your spouse are on a shoestring budget and are ready to get a divorce sooner than later.  You have a list of agreements you have worked out yourself, such as spousal support, assets to be sold or divided, and debts to be paid.  You have made your divorce a slam dunk for any lawyer who wants to take your case and […]

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How Divorce Affects Health Insurance Benefits in NJ

March 9, 2022

If you are facing the divorce process and your health insurance coverage comes from your spouse’s insurance, you may find yourself uninsured once the divorce is final. You are getting a divorce, and there is so much to keep up with:  the children, custody, the house, alimony, child support; it can all seem overwhelming. To add insult to injury, you must get health insurance because, after the divorce, you and your partner cannot share the policy they receive from their […]

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Family Law in the Age of Technology in New Jersey

February 12, 2022

Technology can affect your family law proceedings, such as divorce. It is essential to understand the impact your case and have the support of a skilled and dynamic family law attorney in this day and age. There’s no escaping it: technology plays a central role in most of our lives. Throughout the last decades, technological advancements have shifted our reality and perhaps even changed the trajectory of humanity. With so many of us constantly attached to our phones and computers […]

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Prenuptial Agreements: Planning Your Marriage

February 20, 2019

Planning a wedding can be a complicated process. Many decisions need to be made, ranging from minor decisions such as which cake to eat, to major decisions such as whether or not you should enter into a prenuptial agreement with your future spouse. While at the time of marrying, you probably can’t conceive ever divorcing your spouse, establishing a prenuptial agreement is often a prudent and wise measure to take. Several important questions need to be answered before entering into […]

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