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Influential Factors for Loss of Custody in New Jersey

February 18, 2024

Learn About the Factors That Could Result in Losing Your Custody Rights Child custody is probably the most complex issue addressed in a divorce. Not only is it an emotionally charged topic, but it involves the well-being of children who suffer the most when their parents separate. There are many changes from where they live to the school they attend, and, of course, no longer spending time as a family. Sometimes, the parents aren’t the safest option in terms of […]

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The Fallout of Missing a Custody Hearing

December 25, 2023

Skipping a Child Custody Hearing in New Jersey Means Losing the Opportunity to State Your Case as The Judge Proceeds With the Available Evidence. A New Jersey child custody hearing is an opportunity for both parents of a child to present a case for their legal and residential custodial rights. A custody hearing is when both legal and logistical elements of a co-parenting situation are resolved, such as who will have rights to make decisions regarding the child’s upbringing, medical […]

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Parents Disputing Healthcare Decision-Making for Children

December 20, 2023

Parents Should Work Together for Their Child’s Well-Being, But Challenges can Arise when Facing Medical Decisions in Haledon, Fort Lee, Caldwell, Clifton, and Throughout Northern New Jersey. Parents who have joint custody of their child work together to ensure that child’s well-being. If they share residential custody, the child either spends equal time with both parents or the parents have a parenting time arrangement by which the non-custodial parent gets quality time with their child. If the parents have joint […]

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Dealing With Child Custody Amid Teenager’s Preferences

December 15, 2023

Navigating Late Adolescence in Divorced Families Entails Balancing Teenagers’ Desire for Independence with the Need for Direction and a Fair Custody Agreement for the Parties Involved Divorced parents frequently struggle when their children enter late adolescence. Teenagers are challenging, and as they transition into young adults, they want their freedom as they decide about career and college opportunities. Between ages 15 and 17, they want to make more decisions independently and associate more with their peers. Parents still have to […]

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Financial Hurdles and Their Implications on Child Custody

December 5, 2023

Our Family Lawyers Help You Deal with Financial Challenges Seeking to Protect Your Custody Rights in Passaic County, NJ Child custody is a term used for the legal arrangement between parents who have separated regarding with whom the child will live, for what periods, and who will have the decision-making power for the child. There are two types of custody: physical and legal. Physical custody refers to where the child will live, and legal custody determines who will make the […]

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