Is It Legal to Know Who My Child Spends Time With and Where?

September 19, 2023

Outlining the Right to Know the Location and Company of Your Children and the Role of a Clear Custody Agreement in Your Case in Passaic County NJ Parenting, filled with its rewards, challenges, joys, frustrations, tenderness, boundaries, and relationships, is not effortless but absolutely one of the most profound and transformative experiences one can have in a lifetime. However, not all parenthood journeys, approaches to parenting, and parenting configurations are the same. The U.S. Census Bureau released estimates indicating 10.9 […]

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Unique Challenges of Divorce with a Child with Autism

September 14, 2023

If You Have a Child with Autism, Make Sure Custody Arrangements and Structured Parenting Agreements Are Properly Drafted with the Help of our Experienced Family Law Attorneys Autism is a developmental difference in people caused by neurodivergence or differences in a person’s brain development. People on the autism spectrum are characterized by differences in social behavior, difficulties in social communication and interaction, diverse learning styles, and different interests. Autistic children are gifts to the world; their neurodivergence creates an outside-of-the-social-paradigms […]

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Our Family Lawyers Will Explain How to Protect Your Interests After Being Falsely Accused in a Divorce Context in NJ
Posted in: Divorce Family Law

What To Do After Being Falsely Accused in a Divorce Case

September 4, 2023

Learn About the Damaging Effects of False Accusations and How to Handle Them in Your Divorce in Passaic County Divorce and custody cases in New Jersey provide a number of opportunities for stress and emotions to take over. Even once amiable couples can become bitter and grievous when assets and time with children are at stake. Conflict during divorce and custody cases can lead to other family law-associated issues, particularly when one spouse or parent falsely accuses the other of […]

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The Impact of Adoption on Child Support Payments

August 29, 2023

Discover What Happens to Child Support Payments Once Your Child is Adopted in New Jersey In addition to the many factors that come into play when making the important decision to give a child up for adoption or adopt a child, one must take into consideration the financial responsibilities that come with having parental rights. If you are considering adopting a child, contact our team of experienced family law attorneys at The Montanari Law Group to learn how we can […]

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Determining the Distribution of a Personal Injury Settlement in Your New Jersey Divorce Case

August 16, 2023

Distributing Funds from Personal Injury Settlement During a Divorce Can Turn into a Complex Endeavor Because of the Various That Factors that Influence the Process. Getting a divorce can be an exhausting, stressful process, especially when dealing with finances.  Because New Jersey divides the assets using equitable distribution rather than a flat 50-50 rate, separate and marital assets must be determined before anything can be allotted to the spouses.  When it comes to splitting a personal injury settlement, the court […]

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