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Child Support for Car and Insurance Expenses in Passaic County Family Court

Child Support Attorneys serving clients in Wayne, Paterson, Woodland Park and across Passaic County and Northern New Jersey As we all know, times flies. Before you know it, you’re 12 year-old child is suddenly 17, and if they are anything like most NJ teenagers, are asking for financial support to help them purchase/lease a car, and… Read More

When Does Child and Medical Support End in NJ?

Child Support Attorneys Discuss Children´s Rights and Emancipation Issues helping clients in Woodland Park and across Passaic County It is a common belief that children who receive child support from a non-custodial parent are automatically emancipated at the age of 18 and thus relieve the parent who pays of any responsibility for future payments. However,… Read More

Why You Need a Passaic County Divorce Attorney

Passaic County Family Lawyers handling Divorce Cases in Woodland Park, Wayne, Paterson and across Northern New Jersey for Decades Many people have the misconception that divorce attorneys just make divorces more complicated and expensive. They fight for things that you don’t really care about, and charge a lot of money to do so. While there… Read More

Civil Restraints and Domestic Violence Complaints Passaic County NJ

Domestic Violence Attorneys handle Restraining Orders and Civil Restraints in Woodland Park, Wayne, Paterson and across Passaic County and Northern, NJ The relevance of a defendant’s previous crimes or criminal history is a contentious issue in many court proceedings. After all just because someone has committed or been accused of a crime in the past… Read More

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