Passaic County NJ Expungement Lawyers

Passaic County NJ Expungement Lawyers

If you have a misdemeanor charge or conviction on your record in New Jersey or New York, it may be possible to have your record expunged. Under recent changes in the law, expungement may now be possible in as few as five years after your charges or conviction. Many people who did not qualify under previous conditions may now get the clean record they need.

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Expungement Attorneys in Little Falls NJ

Successfully expunging someone’s criminal record requires an in-depth knowledge of the procedures and specific criteria required for approval. We have the experience and knowledge of the process and will give you an honest appraisal of your circumstances. If we can help you expunge your record, we will move efficiently and aggressively to help you clear your record as quickly as the court process allows in your jurisdiction.

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