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Expungements for an Arrest Attorneys Passaic County, NJ
Expungements for an Arrest

Contrary to what may seem like common sense, the record of a criminal arrest is not automatically expunged from your public record even if you are found not guilty of any crimes. If you were arrested and charges were dropped, the arrest will still show up on any criminal background check done by future and/or current employers, financial institutions and more. The good news is that with the proper legal counsel, your arrest can often be expunged quickly.

At The Montanari Law Group, we believe that our clients should not be penalized for arrests which ultimately led to dismissed or dropped charges. We help individuals who wish to expunge arrest records in local New Jersey towns including Paterson, Clifton, Woodland Park, West Milford, Wayne, Little Falls, and the greater Passaic County area. Allow us to file a motion to expunge your criminal arrest and see the process through to completion. Only then can you rest assured that your arrest record has been removed.

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Arrests Not Resulting in Conviction N.J.S.A. 2C52-6: Clifton, NJ Expungement Lawyers

Pursuant to the New Jersey Revised Statutes Section 2C:52-6 – Arrests not resulting in conviction, an expungement for an arrest may be available if the following criteria are met:

  • An individual has been arrested or held accountable for a disorderly person, petty disorderly persons, or other municipal ordinance violation
  • The charges against that individual were dismissed, he or she was acquitted, or was otherwise found to be not guilty of the charges
  • An offender may NOT file for expungement for an arrest if he or she is part of a program of supervisory treatment or other diversionary programs. Individuals in this situation may file for expungement six (6) months after the charges were formally dismissed
  • An offender may NOT file for expungement for an arrest if he or she was acquitted of criminal wrongdoing on the basis of insanity or being mentally unfit

Petition for Expungement N.J.S.A. 2C:52-7: Paterson, NJ Expungement Attorneys

Assuming you qualify for an expungement of your arrest, our Paterson expungement attorneys will take the necessary steps to see the process through to completion. Thankfully, there is no waiting period for those who are not part of a diversionary or probationary period. Our lawyers will take the following actions in order to file a petition for expungement and expunge the record of your arrest:

  • Our attorneys file a motion in the New Jersey Superior Court which begins the expungement process
  • We notify law enforcement agencies in New Jersey of our intention to have you arrest records expunged (local police, FBI, Attorney General’s office, etc.)
  • A judge will review our petition for expungement and either approve or deny the request. This is a major reason proper paperwork is essential. Our attorneys work hard to file clean and accurate paperwork to expedite this step in the process
  • Upon approval of the expungement, we again notify law enforcement agencies of the granted expungement for your arrest. The records are not destroyed but they will no longer be part of your permanent public record

West Milford, NJ Expungement Lawyers Discuss Benefits

You might be wondering if it is worth it to go through the process of having your arrest record expunged in New Jersey. Your charges were already dropped, so does it really make a huge difference? The short answer is yes, it absolutely does. If a judge grants an expungement of your arrest record, it is not just that you were acquitted of the charges, it is legally the case that you were never arrested. After being granted an expungement, you are legally able to say you have never been arrested (assuming you have no other unrelated arrests).

Prospective employers, license granting agencies, colleges & universities, landlords, and many other individuals and institutions run routine background checks. While it is certainly possible for those with a criminal record to have a successful career and go far in life, why complicate your future when expungement is a viable option?

The process of expunging an arrest is generally very fast, inexpensive, and effective. With the help of our West Milford expungement lawyers, your record will be clean and your arrest will be a distant memory in no time.

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At The Montanari Law Group, our criminal defense attorneys value the expungement process as a powerful tool our clients can use to get back on their feet and secure their future. We take pride in successfully seeking arrest expungements for clients in New Jersey towns including Wayne, Paterson, Clifton, Little Falls, West Milford, Woodland Park and all of Passaic County. Lean on our experience to clean up your permanent record and remove the burden of previous infractions.

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