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Contested VS Uncontested Divorce Attorneys Passaic County NJAs a “no-fault” divorce state, one party does not need to prove adultery, abuse, or wrongdoing, to prove they have an “irreconcilable difference” in New Jersey. The mere fact that one party willingly files for divorce and the other party does not wish to divorce, legally constitutes an irreconcilable difference and reason to “contest” or oppose a divorce.

Contrary to what it may imply, “contested divorces” are no more difficult, risky, or any less amicable than other types of divorce, civil dissolution, or separation in New Jersey. A substantial number of couples are able to amicably resolve their divorce and reach meaningful agreements through pre-trial negotiations without high legal costs or resenting the other party. During the divorce process, agreements regarding the distribution of property, child custody, child support, and alimony need to be reached before a divorce can be finalized. Speaking with a qualified and experienced Passaic County divorce attorney and having someone who can help fight on your behalf in potentially contentious family law issues like these, can mean all the difference when preparing for your financial future.

In cases where a divorcing couple may already have agreed to the key terms of a divorce settlement and the person receiving the divorce notice opts not to respond to the divorce complaint, the divorce is considered “uncontested” or “no-fault” and generally expedited more quickly through the legal process.

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Options & Alternatives If Your Divorce Negotiations Breakdown

In truth, the more willing or committed each side of a divorce is to openly, honestly, and constructively negotiate the terms of their divorce settlement, the less “contested” their divorce actually needs to be.

When a contested divorce cannot be resolved through negotiation; a form of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, arbitration, or collaborative divorce; or during one of the State’s mandatory mediation or settlement conferences, it proceeds to trial.


Whether contested or uncontested, you need a skilled and experienced Passaic County family law attorney on your side when resolving your divorce, who will fight for your needs and rights.

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