If Mediation Proves Unsuccessful, Consider Alternative Resolution Methods with Our Team of Family Attorneys in Passaic County, NJ
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Is Mediation Mandatory for My Spouse in New Jersey?

February 23, 2024

Mediation, Whether Voluntary or Court-Ordered, Addresses Specific Divorce-Related Issues to Promote Compromise There is more than one way to get a divorce. Mediation, a type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), is used to resolve a divorce without going to trial. It entails negotiation directed by a neutral third party known as the mediator, a trained, impartial professional who facilitates difficult conversations about parenting time, alimony, and the distribution of assets and debts. The mediator’s job is to keep the conversation […]

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Removing Confusion Around Divorce Mediation in New Jersey

November 20, 2023

When Common Misunderstandings Arise Regarding Divorce Mediation, Consider Consulting our Divorce Attorneys for Guidance Divorce mediation is becoming a more popular practice in New Jersey in recent decades. The process involves the use of a neutral third party who helps the couple work through the complex facets of the dissolution of their marital union to eventually draft a divorce settlement agreement. Confusion and incorrect perception abounds when it comes to understanding divorce mediation, and whether or not it is appropriate […]

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Seek the Advice of an Experienced Lawyer About the Issues To Defend in Your Divorce in Passaic County, NJ
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Is it Worth it? Determining Your Divorce Priorities

September 9, 2023

When Undergoing a Divorce, There are Critical Aspects that are Worth the Effort of Arguing Over, and Others that May Not be as Valuable as You Think. When it comes to the dissolution of a marriage, there are many complex decisions that must be made. When married, you take for granted that life will stay the same. However, a divorce forces you to decide on complex issues that affect family members in the present and future. For example, child custody […]

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Financial Strain and Marital Fracture: The Connection

April 5, 2023

The Current Economic and Cost of Living Situation is Impacting Couples’ Decisions, Such as Having Kids, Postponing Marriage, or Getting Divorced in New Jersey It is no surprise that Americans are paying more for just about everything. Inflation was over 9% in June of 2022; by March 2023, it had decreased somewhat.  Stagnant salaries, hiring freezes, layoffs, bankrupt businesses, and outsourcing have weakened earning potential across the board.  College graduates head out into the workforce with anywhere from $120,000 to […]

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Process to Reverse a Custody Decision in New Jersey

December 20, 2022

You Can Explore Your Options for Filing an Appeal if you Disagree with the Judge’s Decision in a Child Custody Case in Montclair, Wayne, West Milford, Paramus, and the Northern New Jersey Area. If you disagree with a judge’s decision in Family Court regarding your children’s custody, you can file for an appeal.  Your appeal will be decided in the Appellate Court or Supreme Court.  This kind of appeal is different in that you will not be able to enter […]

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