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Dog Owners File Negligence Claim against Dog Sitter

Several Essex County residents recently sought our legal services regarding the highly negligent care allegedly provided by dog sitter and Fairfield resident Nicole Debellis. While Ms. Debellis presents herself as “the ultimate caregiver” when it comes to dog-sitting, our investigations and conversations with her former clients have painted a much different story. Thanks to the… Read More

Understanding Child Custody: Legal and Residential

When many people think of child custody, they think of it in terms of how much time each parent spends with the children. And while this is certainly one aspect of child custody, known legally as “Residential Custody”, a divorce’s child custody agreement will outline much more than simply a “visitation schedule”. Residential Custody and… Read More

Temporary Alimony; Financial Support During Divorce

One critical component of many divorce settlement agreements is that of alimony, also known as spousal support. Designed to help parties who relied on financial support during a marriage to continue to meet financial obligations after their divorce, and in many cases to pursue job-training and further education, alimony can often be one of the… Read More

The Disadvantages of Divorce Mediation and Collaboration

While many of our articles focus on the advantages of divorce mediation and divorce collaboration (as they certainly do exist), in today’s article, we will instead be focusing on some of the disadvantages associated with these Alternative Dispute Resolution methods. When it comes to choosing how exactly you want to resolve your Passaic County divorce,… Read More

Property Destruction and Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Under the New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act (PDVA), 18 different actions are listed as being considered acts of domestic violence. Surprisingly, the destruction of property is included in that list. This means that the destruction of property, be it individually owned property or jointly owned property, can result in a domestic violence restraining order. However,… Read More

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