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The Five Alimony Variations in New Jersey

For couples going through a divorce, the topic of alimony and spousal support is common. Alimony payments are intended to provide financial support for a former spouse who no longer enjoys the same status as they did during their marriage. However, what many of us think of as a single concept is actually representative of five (5) separate forms… Read More

1993 Paterson, NJ Murder Conviction Reversed Using DNA Evidence

As reported by a recent article, two men who were wrongly imprisoned for murder have been set free based on new DNA evidence. After more than two (2) decades of maintaining their innocence, Ralph Lee and Eric Kelley were released from state prison. This begs the question, what evidence was used to wrongfully convict these… Read More

How is Child Support Calculated in New Jersey?

Issues involving children such as child support and child custody follow certain guidelines set out by New Jersey statutes. However, it is important to understand that each case is considered individually based on the unique situation. Child support agreements are reached based on a combination of factors, including the figures given by a standardized formula, your child custody agreement,… Read More

How to Defend Against Shoplifting Charges

Shoplifting charges can range from a disorderly persons offense to a second degree felony offense in New Jersey. Regardless of the grading of your crime, the consequences can be severe and lead to time behind bars, heavy fines, and a permanent stain on your public criminal record. For those charged, it is vitally important that you defend… Read More

DDSM Attorney Working to Keep Essex County Man Out of Jail

37 year old Rasheed Sanders was arrested on February 27th after his Lakewood apartment was searched by law enforcement. Narcotics investigators from Ocean County found a loaded AK-47 and cocaine in excess of eight (8) kilos. Del Sardo & Montanari founding partner Michael Montanari was able to successfully argue that Sanders should be released from jail in New Jersey… Read More

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