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Temporary Child Custody

Time does not stand still during a divorce. For parents, this may lead to a difficult transition period before a permanent child custody agreement can be signed. Temporary child custody in New Jersey can sometimes be amicably arranged outside of the courtroom between spouses. For those who are not in agreement or even for those who simply… Read More

Winter Slip and Fall Accidents

New Jersey winters can at times be beautiful, but they can also lead to dangerous situations for pedestrians and drivers alike. In fact, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 1,920 reported cases of occupational injuries resulting from slip and falls on snow, ice, or sleet in 2014. That figure does not include… Read More

Grading Criminal Charges in New Jersey

Most of us are familiar with the terms felonies, misdemeanors, and disorderly persons offenses, but actually understanding what each means and how they are treated is a different matter entirely. New Jersey criminal charges can be anywhere from first to fourth degree felony offenses, with lower grades of disorderly persons offenses not technically considered “criminal… Read More

Are Any of My Assets Protected During Divorce?

When going through the divorce process, a major concern for almost all individuals is how their assets will be divided. New Jersey adheres to equitable distribution laws which means that division of assets is done equitably (fairly), but not necessarily 50/50. A litany of considerations may come into play when determining if any of your assets are protected… Read More

Jersey City Police Chase Ends in Crash

A stolen, yellow Corvette crashed into multiple motor vehicles this Sunday afternoon, causing property damage and injury to at least one driver. This resulted after police pursued the stolen vehicle through downtown Jersey City ending on West Side Avenue. The offender attempted to evade police custody on foot before ultimately being caught and arrested. Today,… Read More

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