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Temporary Alimony; Financial Support During Divorce

One critical component of many divorce settlement agreements is that of alimony, also known as spousal support. Designed to help parties who relied on financial support during a marriage to continue to meet financial obligations after their divorce, and in many cases to pursue job-training and further education, alimony can often be one of the… Read More

Financially Preparing for your Divorce

Making the ultimate decision to pursue a Passaic County divorce is never easy. As difficult as this decision may be, that’s only the first step, there are many more decisions that need to be made. While your Clifton divorce attorney can definitely help you with some of these difficult decisions, one thing you can do yourself… Read More

Defending Yourself From a NJ Restraining Order

Having a restraining order placed against you by a loved one can be a devastating experience. Mistakes happen, and simple misunderstandings can lead to no-win scenarios. Additionally, many people are falsely accused but merely think “I don’t really care about going near this person so what’s the big deal if they place a restraining order… Read More

Securing Your Grandparent Visitation Rights

Few would argue that divorce is a traumatic and life-changing process for spouses and their children. However, the trauma is not only contained to the immediate family. The relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren can also be deeply affected when spouses separate. Grandparents’ rights and their ability to spend time with their grandchildren are often… Read More

Woodland Park Attorneys Discuss Cohabitation Agreements

In New Jersey today more and more couples are choosing to forego traditional marriage and instead live together in a marriage-style situation. Often this does not represent a lack of love and affection but a personal choice between two individuals or disillusionment with traditional marriage and the possibility of divorce. However, cohabitation does not allow… Read More

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