Our Experienced Lawyers Can Help You Take Action if You Do Not Want to Move on with Your Divorce in NJ
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If You File for Divorce, Can You Take it Back?

February 13, 2024

So You Filed the Paperwork to Initiate the Divorce and Now You Want to Call it Off. You Can’t Turn Back Time, but You can Use the Proper Legal Channels to Stop the Process. Divorce has a huge impact on people’s lives, bringing doubts about the future. While divorce takes a huge emotional and mental toll on a couple, it can also cause them to reconsider with renewed clarity their trajectory. More often than one might think, a couple decides […]

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Rely on Our Attorneys to Address Job/Divorce Related Matters Impacting Your Employment in Passaic County.
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Disclosing Your Divorce to Your Boss

February 8, 2024

Workplace Implications of Divorce: Discover the Benefits of Keeping Your Boss in the Loop in New Jersey Divorce is a complex and often messy process. Preparing for the legal dissolution of the marriage, navigating the myriad emotions, and walking your children through a difficult transition are all elements of a divorce that can be tough to handle. With so much already going on, one can wonder whether it’s necessary or worth it to involve anyone in the process who isn’t […]

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Embrace a Low-Conflict Life After Divorce with the Guidance of Our Expert NJ Divorce Lawyers
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Approaches and Tactics to Minimize Post Divorce Conflict

January 23, 2024

Divorce Doesn’t Always Resolve Conflicts, and Fundamental Differences Can Persist. However, by Following Some Tips And Gaining Legal Understanding, You Can Foster A More Peaceful Relationship With Your Ex Many couples divorce due to conflict. They may assume that the finalization of their divorce will resolve all conflicts, but this would be a false assumption. For a lot of divorced couples, post-divorce conflict may become their new normal. This is because the conflict often is not the result of the […]

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Skilled Attorneys Offering Insights on Divorce Choices Post New Year in New Jersey
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New Year’s Resolutions Taking Aim at Divorce Decisions

January 8, 2024

Find out Why January’s Divorce Rate Ranks so High, as People Consider Fresh Starts, Financial Considerations, Maintaining Holiday Harmony, and Emotional Caution in Passaic County, NJ Although January isn’t the month where the most divorces are filed, it is one of the top three, beaten only by March and November. January is seen as a month of new beginnings, tapping the reset button essentially. There are financial reasons, a desire to keep the holidays pleasant, and a hesitance to change […]

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Learn How to Make Smart Choices Regarding Your 529 Savings Plan in a NJ Divorce Context
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Strategies to Safeguard 529 Education Saving Plans in Divorce

January 3, 2024

In Divorce, Questions Arise About the Ownership and Control of a 529 College Savings Plan Intended to Fund a Child’s Education. Find the Answers Here. For many parents, their child attending college is a dream come true, and for some, it’s a requirement. In either case, they often want to provide some or all of the funds required for their child to attain this goal. One of the most popular ways to accomplish this is with a 529 college savings […]

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