Learn About New Jersey’s Plans to Restart Criminal Trials Shortly
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New Jersey Plans to Restart Criminal Trials – Little Falls Criminal Defense Attorneys Discuss

September 15, 2020

Civil litigators have shown more of a willingness to hold remote proceedings, but they have seen more pushback in the criminal arena A lawsuit by New Jersey attorneys seeks a determination that obligating attorneys to appear for in-person proceedings in non-detained cases without a video conference option is a violation of the Administrative Procedures Act as well as the Fifth Amendment’s due process clause. It’s not often that lawyers die from work-related circumstances, but that’s what happened to  Raymond D’Uva. According to […]

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New Jersey to resume jury trials as the Covid-19 pandemic continues

July 22, 2020

The time has come for New Jersey to move toward a post-Coronavirus framework of operation. The Covid-19 pandemic has wrought havoc on many of the systems that New Jersey’s residents rely on to safely and effectively navigate their personal and professional lives. The surge in illnesses and deaths caused by the Coronavirus has left many feeling unrepresented by the systems that are in place to serve them and the justice they deserve. Because so many government agencies have conducted operations […]

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