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Financial Setbacks and Alimony in NJ: How to Get Relief

May 14, 2024

Financial Hardship Can Be Especially Difficult for Those Paying Alimony, Who May Need to Go to Court to Get Their Payments Reduced in New Jersey Today’s families are working harder than ever to financially keep their heads above water. Even with a combined income, older cars, and a strict budget, many cannot save, let alone invest in their retirement. When divorce strikes, the expense of one household becomes that of two. Legal costs, extra transportation costs for parenting time, housing, […]

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Don’t Be Blindsided by Divorce: Ensure Fair Alimony with a NJ Prenup

May 9, 2024

When Drafting a Prenuptial Agreement, It Is Essential to Include Alimony Provisions to Protect Assets and Ensure Financial Support After Divorce in New Jersey The ring fits like a glove, and the wedding preparations are underway.  But while going to cake tastings and renting the tuxedos, consider the importance of a prenuptial agreement. Not only can it protect the assets of each soon-to-be spouse, but it can include a plan for alimony.   In New Jersey, spousal support, maintenance, and alimony […]

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Our Experienced NJ Divorce Lawyers Handle Your Micro-Cheating Case in Passaic County, NJ
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Getting Divorced Due to Micro-Cheating

April 29, 2024

Micro-cheating Entails Subtle Behaviors Suggesting Emotional Attachment Outside of Marriage, Although it Often Fails to Meet the Standard for Traditional Cheating. Micro-cheating is a concept that has come onto the scene in recent decades, especially as the generation who was raised on social media marries. Micro-cheating refers to behaviors and activities that cannot be explicitly called out as infidelity in marriage but that point to emotional attachment to another. Many times, these behaviors happen online through direct messaging, incessantly liking […]

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Implications of Breastfeeding in Custody and Parenting Time Determinations

April 29, 2024

Effects and Complications of a Baby’s Breastfeeding Needs when Determining Child Custody in New Jersey The birth of a baby is a joyous occasion, but it also brings a significant responsibility to protect and care for the new life. This responsibility, when parents separate or divorce, becomes more complex.  Co-parenting decisions, such as caring for the baby and scheduling parenting time, can be particularly challenging when the child is breastfeeding.  During the first 8-10 weeks of life, breastfeeding should be […]

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Challenges of International Child Custody Issues in New Jersey

April 24, 2024

More International Couples Are Having Children, But Divorce Can Lead to Complex Custody Battles If Parents Want to Reside in Different Countries. These Battles Can Involve Difficult Visitation Schedules and Even International Abduction. Globalization is changing the panorama in our business and personal relationships. It is common for partners from different countries of origin to formalize their relationship and have children. Unfortunately, many couples divorce, and when one parent wants to return to their home country, international child custody becomes […]

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