Divorce for CEOs Comes with Unique Complications

May 23, 2023

Divorce For CEOs can be Increasingly Complicated, With Effects on Both Spouses Facing Executive Divorce in New Jersey. Running any business is time-consuming. But running a corporation with employees and shareholders is all-consuming, as a company’s performance depends on the decisions of a few. And when companies struggle, shareholders look to the CEO for answers. The CEO is the most powerful of the executives running for-profit companies. Though they typically earn high salaries for their day and night efforts, that […]

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An Experienced Family Lawyers Can Help You Determine if a Private Investigator is Useful in Your Family Case in New Jersey
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The Purpose and Process of Having a Private Investigator for Your Divorce Case in New Jersey

May 18, 2023

Private Investigators Use a Series of Tools and Approaches to Uncover Valuable Information that May be Useful to Resolve a Matrimonial or Family Law-Related Matter. A private investigator (PI), also known as a private detective, is a professional hired to undertake investigations and gather information on behalf of individuals, businesses, or organizations. PIs often work in the private sector, providing services that law enforcement agencies do not typically handle. Overall, the role of a private investigator is to uncover information, […]

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Find Out How Spying on Your Spouse May Have Legal Repercussions in Little Falls, New Jersey
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Know and Weigh the Implications of Spying on Your Spouse in NJ

April 22, 2023

Experienced Family Lawyers Explain the Implications of Spying on a Spouse in Essex, Passaic, and Bergen County, NJ You may feel suspicious about your spouse, believing him or her to be unfaithful. It’s a natural urge to want to know the truth, and some people try to uncover evidence of infidelity. But there may be serious consequences in New Jersey if you surveil or spy on your spouse. Using any means to spy on your spouse could be illegal in […]

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Forms of Child Abuse and Their Lasting Impact

April 14, 2023

Understanding Child Abuse and Its Legal Ramifications in New Jersey Child abuse can take many forms.  Children who are abused may experience more than one kind of abuse.  Physical abuse involves the intentional use of physical force on a child that results in bodily harm, such as hitting, kicking, shaking, burning, or any other physical harm to the child.  Hair pulling and obligatory strenuous exercises such as running stairs or holding heavy objects with outstretched arms are also used to […]

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Financial Strain and Marital Fracture: The Connection

April 5, 2023

The Current Economic and Cost of Living Situation is Impacting Couples’ Decisions, Such as Having Kids, Postponing Marriage, or Getting Divorced in New Jersey It is no surprise that Americans are paying more for just about everything. Inflation was over 9% in June of 2022; by March 2023, it had decreased somewhat.  Stagnant salaries, hiring freezes, layoffs, bankrupt businesses, and outsourcing have weakened earning potential across the board.  College graduates head out into the workforce with anywhere from $120,000 to […]

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