Safeguard Your Medical Practice from Divorce Ramifications

November 30, 2023

After Investing Significant Effort into Building a Medical Practice in New Jersey, Doctors May Face Unwanted Financial Disruptions in the Wake of Divorce Years of medical school, post-graduate studies, residency, specialization, and the Medical Boards lead doctors to a profession they spent years preparing for.  Building a private practice can take years.  It takes a significant financial investment and hard work to accumulate a base of regular patients while attracting new ones.  The infrastructure of the practice location, attractive and […]

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Navigating Broken Promises in Co-Parenting

November 25, 2023

A Broken Promise, a Betrayal of Trust: How to Navigate Your Ex’s Breaking Promises to Your Children Many couples collaborate while settling their divorce to shorten the process and benefit the children.  It is always good if the split can be made with minimal arguing and negativity.  The attitudes displayed by the parents can greatly influence how the children perceive the process.  They are less stressed and more confident when there is less conflict.  When parents collaborate, communicate, and are […]

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Honoring a Student Loan After Divorce

November 10, 2023

Exploring Factors Affecting Student Loan Distribution in Divorce Proceedings in Passaic County, New Jersey In most divorces, marital assets and debts are equitably divided, meaning a fair split, given the parties’ circumstances. Separate assets and debts are typically awarded to the party who owned the property or debt before the marriage. Thus, when it comes to student loans, the distribution depends on when the spouse incurred the loan and how the loan benefitted the marriage. So, for example, a student […]

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Must Know Information Regarding Consent Orders in Passaic County, NJ
Posted in: Divorce

Complete Reference on Consent Orders

November 5, 2023

Consent Orders Facilitate Cooperative Child Custody and Support Agreements for Divorcing Parents in Haledon, Clifton, Paramus, and Towns in Northern New Jersey. Child custody and support agreements are the most contested areas in a divorce agreement.  Parents must show their children that disagreements can be confronted civilly and respectfully.  A consent order is a voluntary agreement between the parents in a divorce negotiated out of court.  It is a valid and enforceable agreement.  It is pervasive in couples who use […]

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Experienced Divorce Lawyers Assisting Stay-at-Home Parents in Passaic County, NJ
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Empowering Stay-at-Home Parents in Divorce

October 30, 2023

Stay-at-Home Parents Encounter Particular Difficulties, Such as Worries Regarding Their Financial Stability and Life After The Divorce. The process of divorce in New Jersey can be stressful to even the most together person’s emotional and financial resources. When children are involved, the complexities that go into settling a divorce agreement are amplified, as the stakes are much higher. And when you are a stay-at-home parent, you can be bombarded with worries about how you will financially sustain yourself and your […]

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