Common Concerns When Filing a Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey

May 10, 2020

Getting into an accident and having to file an insurance claim is a disconcerting process for anyone. When that accident happens in the workplace, however, and you must file a workers’ compensation claim, worry and confusion may be exacerbated. Victims may wonder against whom, exactly, they are filing the claim, or whether filing a workers’ compensation claim may allow their employer’s insurance company to have information about their personal life. Having the support of a workplace injury attorney can be […]

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Laws against texting while driving a commercial vehicle

April 20, 2020

Texting while driving is a seriously dangerous act that can put your life and those around you at risk. In recent years using a handheld device while driving a passenger vehicle has become illegal. Given the danger that distracted driving creates on the road when it comes to smaller cars, what are laws regarding 18-wheelers, whose force and difficulty stopping quickly pose an additional risk for all involved?  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) ruled recently that, like passenger […]

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Bicycle Accidents: What to do After a Crash?
Posted in: Personal Injury

Bicycle Accidents: What to do After a Crash?

December 6, 2019

Bicycle Accident and Injury Attorneys serving clients in Little Falls, Woodland Park, Wayne, Paterson, and across Passaic County NJ If you are a cyclist, you know that sharing the road with cars can be dangerous.  In many areas, bike lanes do not exist and your journey is relegated to a narrow strip of the shoulder along the dangerous roadway.  Adding to safety concerns are the lack of awareness that motor vehicle operators often have.  Additionally, objects in the roadway, potholes, […]

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