Judge Says Children Must Be Returned To Actress

Judge says children must be returned to actress

All custody arrangements have their challenges, but international custody agreements come with their own unique issues. “Gossip Girl” actress Kelly Rutherford was recently awarded temporary custody of her children after she claimed that the children’s father denied her visitation.

According to reports, Rutherford came to France to visit the children, who have been living in Monaco, but was told she would not be allowed to have the visitation unless she gave the children’s passports to someone else to hold. Rutherford claims she agreed to this as long as they both agreed on who would hold the passports, but the father reportedly refused.

The actress then returned to the United States and petitioned the courts for a change in custody, which a Los Angeles Superior Court judge granted on May 22. The change come several years after the couple’s 2008 separation which ended in a divorce in 2010. The couple have had ongoing custody issues that have been widely publicized since their separation.

According to Rutherford’s attorney, the judge’s decision was another step proving that the custody issues were still under the jurisdiction of the U.S. courts. However, it remains to be seen whether the children’s father will comply with the temporary order. The next hearing is set to be held on June 15.

It’s very common for parents to have continued disagreements about custody, and these battles can often be protracted, spanning over the course of several years. However, once the courts issue a decision, it is very important that both parties comply with the decision and go through the proper channels to fight it if necessary. Refusing to comply with a court order can have a negative effect on the parents’ chances at regaining custody down the road.

Source: CNN, “Kelly Rutherford granted temporary sole custody of her two children,” Emanuella Grinberg and Dana Ford, May. 25, 2015


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