Am I a Candidate for Conditional Discharge in Passaic County NJ

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Our founding partner, Michael J. Montanari, Esq., with experience in Criminal Law, DWI and Municipal Law, Civil Litigation among other Practice Areas explains the definition of the Conditional Discharge Program and the advantages to be accepted on it.

First-time Offender Options

For many people that are arrested for the first time, they do not understand the law, or they always think the worst. However, there are options for a first-time offender. Sometimes you can get what is called a Conditional Discharge Program or Conditional Dismissal Program or Pretrial Intervention. These are programs that we can hopefully convince the prosecutor and the court to accept you into, but they put you on probation and hopefully get those charges dismissed to keep your record clean. For making a one-time mistake you should not have to pay for it for the rest of your life.

Contact an Experienced Attorney in Woodland Park

We strongly advise you to discuss this with an attorney based in New Jersey who can go over the conditional discharge and what it encompasses. This is a great second opportunity and you should be well educated about your options.

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