Past Due Child Support Sweep Results In 133 Arrests

Past-due child support sweep results in 133 arrests

With delinquent child support payments in the country totaling in the millions of dollars, it can be easy for payors to believe that the consequences for falling behind on child support are nothing worth worrying about. While it’s true that there are many intermediate steps in the child support collection process, and enforcement can take some time, there is still the very real possibility of losing your driver’s license or even facing arrest — something 133 people in New Jersey found out early this month.

According to reports, the three-day sweep of the state was put together for the purpose of locating and arresting parents who were significantly behind on their payments. Local, state and federal agencies were all involved with the sweep, and they were able to arrest 133 people and collect more than $40,000 in past due payments.

Those arrested were able to arrange to make payments in exchange for their release, but authorities pointed out that the majority of those arrested were “habitual child support evaders.” It was unclear from reports if the sweep only targeted those who were a certain dollar amount behind, but it does point out what a problem being behind on child support can pose for both the party who is supposed to be receiving the payments and those who are supposed to be paying.

While some people do knowingly avoid paying any child support, there are also those who find themselves unable to pay due to life circumstances. If this sounds like your situation, a family law attorney may be able to help you better understand your options and if a modification request may be in order.

Source:, “County sheriff’s office arrests 133 in child support sweep,” Keith Brown, Feb. 10, 2016


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