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Countless instances can give rise to a severely contentious divorce. Our Team handles cases in Little Falls, Woodland Park, Wayne, Paterson, and Northern NJ.

High Conflict Divorce Attorneys in Passaic County NJThe divorce process or the civil dissolution of a marriage can be highly emotional, frightening and even the most well-meaning couples may find that hurt feelings, conflict, and misunderstanding situations can easily escalate if they do not carefully consider the process will divorce. Countless instances such as child custody, child support, asset division, as well as potential alimony and spousal support disputes, can give rise to a severely contentious divorce.

Such a high conflict “scorched earth” approach can be toxic for everyone involved, particularly children if a more amicable way or collaborative and alternative solution can help preserve civility and lay the foundation for a positive co-parenting environment to raise healthy and well-adjusted children. When parents make their children a priority, they are more likely to be protected from the fallout of an adversarial divorce process.

Regardless of your situation, our team of lawyers will strive to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family’s unique circumstances. Family law matters are often unpredictable, and a high-conflict divorce can be even more so. We always remain practical about the outcome by setting realistic expectations.

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Typical Issues That Occur in High-Conflict Divorces in NJ

According to the High Conflict Institute (HCI), individuals with high conflict personalities or who have this particular predictable pattern of repeated behavior in a conflict are generally focused on increasing conflict rather than resolving it. Such high conflict personalities commonly involve frequent:

  • all or nothing thinking
  • unmanaged or exaggerated emotions
  • extreme behaviors
  • repeated inappropriate behavior
  • blaming others
  • habit for turning minor problems into major disputes

Typical Issues That Occur in High-Conflict Divorces in NJAlthough high conflict divorces or separations can occur when there has been infidelity or a spouse suffers from mental health issues, the previously mentioned extreme traits are often seen in extremely narcissistic & impatient spouses, who may also be financially, emotionally, or physically abusive, and may engage in parental alienation in child custody disputes. It would also not be uncommon for such an individual to attempt to hide marital assets to punish the other parent and limit child or spousal support.

This toxic mixture of high-stakes anxiety, anger, and aggression will more than likely extend the overall duration of the divorce process and take a toll on one’s emotional and psychological well-being, in addition to increasing the legal fees.

When it comes to high conflict divorce, you mustn’t try to tackle it alone. If you or someone you know faces divorce with a high conflict spouse, you will need support in managing the process.  Contact an experienced family law attorney to represent and advise you appropriately.

The 4 D’s of High Conflict Divorce: Disengage. Decide. Deliver. Document.

Especially in cases of shared custody arrangements, it’s critical to establish ground rules. Rather than investing your energy in dealing with a person prone to instigate conflict, your first instinct might be to avoid contact with that person altogether.

HCI describes the 4 D’s of high conflict divorce and recommends using these tips to minimize stress when dealing with your co-parent or soon to be ex-spouse:

  • Disengage: Be aware of your triggers so that you can prevent yourself from engaging in any potential physical, verbal, and emotional attacks spouse.
  • Decide: Communicate by way of an agenda, proposals, and offering alternatives even when in a high conflict situation, to help you focus and prevent detours into conversations that can increase hostility and tension.
  • Deliver: When communicating in writing to high conflict people, use the BIFF principle and remove all emotional words: Brief, Informative, Friendly, and Firm
  • Document: Note down or document everything that transpires (i.e., interactions, outcomes, dates, and times to protect yourself and accurately record what happened)


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