Ways that Companies are Assisting Divorcing Employees

Divorce’s Detrimental Effects on Employee Performance and What Some Companies are Doing to Support their Workers in the Process

Ways that Companies are Assisting Divorcing Employees in NJIt’s no secret that divorce takes a toll on a person’s mental, emotional, and financial wellbeing. What isn’t so often explored is the very real toll divorce takes on one’s professional capacities and productivity. Those who are going through or have ever gone through a divorce will attest to the reduction in energy one has to give to all aspects of life outside immediate obligations. Companies are beginning to pick up on this and take extra measures to support employees at this difficult time. The strategic move not only reflects respect for the mental health of their employees, it also contributes to increased employee retention and a more rapid return to productivity.

If you are going through a divorce, an attorney at The Montanari Law Group can help you learn about often-overlooked options across the entire spectrum of the divorce process in New Jersey, in addition to helping you negotiate a settlement or litigate your divorce in family court. Contact us today to speak with a divorce lawyer in a free consultation. The following is information about divorce support, also known as company divorce benefits, provided in some workplace settings.

Types of Support Some NJ Companies are Offering Divorcing Employees

First, it’s important to note that not all companies offer divorce support. However, the number of companies that provide this employee benefit is steeply rising, though it may not be advertised as part of an employee’s benefits package. Companies offer such support as subsidized therapy, paid work leave, in-house childcare, free access to parenting time schedule management platforms, and even coverage of some legal costs associated with the divorce. The extent of divorce support, if any, varies among companies; and the types of support offered often mirrors the company’s values.

Employee Wellbeing During Divorce: Reduced Stress and Improved Work-Life Balance

The multifaceted approach to supporting employees going through divorce addresses many areas of need. Flexible work schedules, paid time off, and childcare help employees navigate required court dates and related obligations. This practical support allows employees to compartmentalize their time in necessary ways so they aren’t overwhelmed emotionally or physically by competing demands. Free access to online platforms for organizing parenting time and child support payment help an employee manage new and diverse responsibilities with increased ease. And therapy gives divorcing employees an opportunity to process their experience and emotions, reducing stress and bolstering mental health.

Potential Benefits for Companies That Offer Divorce Support Programs to Their Employees

Types of Support Some NJ Companies are Offering Employees Going through a Separation in Wayne NJAll of these company divorce supports contribute their employees being able to navigate the process’s myriad internal and external requirements. They lead to employees who are more focused at work, increasing productivity. And they reduce cases of employees having to leave their job. Employee retention and output quality are excellent reasons for companies to offer these benefits; and because they more often than not go unused, they don’t pose a great financial burden to most companies.

The Emotional Impact of Divorce Support at Work

In a word, many employees can feel relieved. Employees navigating this trying time feel seen, not judged for their decreased productivity but valued as an important member of the team. This in itself is beneficial for the overall wellbeing of the employee, but the practical supports themselves help individuals manage the overwhelming obligations and changes while addressing the stress that accompanies them.

Potential Downsides for Companies Offering Divorce Support Benefits

While relatively few employees need to take advantage of the full repertoire of divorce benefits a company may offer, some may exploit the offering. Also, such a benefits program is costly and sacrifices immediate maintenance of deliverables in exchange for avoiding a lengthy hiring and/or firing process.

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