Case Information Statement

The Key Financial Document & Backbone to Your Fair Share of Marital Assets, Alimony, and Child Support

The Key Financial Document & Backbone to Your Fair Share of Marital Assets, Alimony, and Child SupportThe New Jersey Family Part Case Information Statement (CIS) is a financial disclosure document required by divorce courts, designed to provide the court, parties, and legal counsel with a complete economic picture (i.e., income, expenses, assets, debts). As a signed and sworn document, it is often used to address various financial-related issues like child support, alimony, spousal support, equitable asset distribution, retirement funds, vested stock options, etc., the backbone to securing your fair share of the marital assets.

Although the equitable division of marital property is conceptually pretty straightforward and a standard part of the divorce process, actually determining which assets or property is available for division can be problematic and extremely contentious if one party attempts to hide assets from their spouse as a means to maintaining a larger portion than that may be entitled to.

If you are concerned about your legal rights, you need specialized divorce attorneys skilled at finding solutions to these types of complex asset issues and negotiating a favorable marital property settlement for you.

At The Montanari Law Group, our attorneys are well-versed in New Jersey law related to all facets of property division during divorce. As a result, we have assisted clients in Little Falls, Wayne, Totowa, and Passaic and Essex counties in achieving favorable marital settlements that position them well for the future. Our mission is to anticipate and prepare for any and all challenges that may arise during your divorce to achieve the best possible outcome.

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What Are The 6 Main Parts of a NJ Family Law Case Information Statement?

Case Information Statement Assets, Alimony, and Child Support AttorneysAs the foundation of the divorce process, the CIS is a crucial snapshot of your income sources, monthly expenditure needs, assets, debts, and the amount of money you need to live on each month. As a signed and sworn document, your CIS should be filled out truthfully and as thoroughly as possible. It takes time and patience, but the more detailed your CIS is, the easier it will be for your attorney to finalize and the Court to understand your financial situation’s specifics.

The six main parts of a Case Information Statement (CIS) are:

  • Part ACase Information: basic details about each party and info related to your case, issues in dispute, such as child custody, child support, parenting time, alimony, equitable distribution, and attorney fees, etc., among others
  • Part B – Miscellaneous employment insurance-related information
  • Part C – Income information (i.e., salary, raises, bonuses, commissions, supplemental income, receive stock options, and other earned and unearned income in addition to your base salary)
  • Part D – Monthly expenses: shelter, transportation, and personal expenses (i.e., previous “joint lifestyle” expenses as a family unit and “current lifestyle” expenses if you are presently living in separate residences)
  • Part E – Assets and Liabilities: real estate, mortgages, bank accounts, retirement accounts, vehicles, jewelry, stocks, businesses, and whole life insurance policies; car, personal, and student loans; credit card debt, etc
  • Part F – Statement of Special Problems: here, you can provide unique details or challenges related to your case (i.e., a special needs child, need for a forensic accountant, chronically ill family member, rent for a residence once the litigation is finalized)

The NJ CIS is undeniably the most important document when litigating a divorce case

When it comes to family law matters such as equitable distribution of property, alimony, child custody and visitation, and child support, retaining experienced family law counsel is highly recommended. It is crucial to have someone who can patiently serve as your guide and champion and help you to navigate through the complex legal process of divorce while also aggressively advocating for your interests and wellbeing at every turn.


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