Main Reasons to Use Divorce Therapy in New Jersey

Divorce Therapy as a Tool for a Smooth Transition to a New Post-Divorce Life in Passaic County and throughout Northern New Jersey

Main Reasons to Use Divorce Therapy in New JerseyThe process of divorce is taxing, not just on a person’s financial health and their interpersonal relationships with their ex and children, but on their personal mental, emotional, and even physical health. I’m sure you’ve heard of the famous statistic that over one in three marriages in the United States end in divorce, most of those ending within the first five years of the marriage. Such a startling statistic practically normalizes divorce — but that doesn’t mean that divorce feels like a normalcy. Unfortunately, in the past, support services for divorcing couples have mainly focused on the divorce’s legal elements, with family law lawyers being the predominant providers. Recently, however, there has been a move towards providing specific assistance to individuals or even couples to address the mental socioemotional effects of divorce. This form of counseling is called divorce therapy, and it’s taking New Jersey by storm. Read on to learn more about what divorce therapy is, as well as how a divorce therapist may provide assistance in the divorce process and help you maintain the best possible sense of well-being while you work toward a favorable divorce settlement.

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Main Purpose of Divorce Therapy in New Jersey

Divorce therapy is a special form of relationship counseling that focuses on the mental and emotional impacts of a divorce on the involved spouses. Occurring before, during, or after a divorce, divorce therapy utilizes the skills of a specially-trained therapist to support them in amicably engaging the divorce process and the difficult transition into life after marriage, a transition that affects not only the couple but their family and loved ones.

The purpose of divorce therapy is to prepare a couple for the drastic changes to their lives that may occur as a result of the finalization of a divorce, helping them digest the change and unpack any emotional resistance or fear that is bound to exist. A divorce therapist can also provide advice on how to navigate the transition personally and socially, as well as how to make the transition as easeful as possible for the family, especially children.

Top Benefits of Having a Divorce Therapist as a Resource

Divorce counseling is not required, but for individuals or couples who have had lives that are deeply intertwined due to a shared business venture, children, or emotional turmoil between themselves, a divorce therapist could provide helpful perspective, insights, and practices to help make the transition into permanent separation more peaceful. Also, in the case that your divorce is high conflict, a divorce therapist may help the couple move through emotional tensions that are causing difficulties with coming to an accord around the elements of a divorce settlement, such as the division of assets. In nearly all cases, because there is so much underlying mental and emotional turmoil to a divorce within its process, and so much fear-inducing unknown on the other side of it, having the support of a divorce therapist in New Jersey is an excellent option for couples. If you have had or are having destructive, overwhelming, or disturbing thoughts or emotions as the result of your divorce, its coming, or life after the papers are signed, it is wise to consult with a divorce therapist.

One of the main advantages of engaging in divorce therapy with your spouse during a divorce is that many of the emotional issues which undercut objective negotiations in a divorce can be unpacked and handled in a therapeutic and healing way. Learning how to hold space and listen for the needs, wounds, and fears of your partner as they, like you, move into an unknown life after marriage, can create a bond that greatly supports co-parenting or simply a respectful relationship and bond after divorce. Another advantage of the divorce counseling process is that it helps the couple come to closure while doing so through a ‘teamwork’-based experience. Preparing together for life after divorce helps any unresolved issues be sifted through, creating a collaborative model for conscious separation and closure of the marriage experience together.

Therapy Intervention to Address Specific Issues in Each of the Three Stages of Divorce

Using Divorce Therapy to Ease Emotional Stress Through Divorce in NJA divorce therapist is usually called in for one of three types of support: pre-divorce, during divorce, or post-divorce. The purpose of therapy pre-and during a divorce is to prepare the couple to face the financial, legal, mental, emotional, physical, and familial stresses that are sure to occur during the divorce settlement process, regardless of how well the exes get along. The therapist will also help the couple work through any underlying emotional wounds that cause resistance to a fair and objective approach to important elements of the divorce, such as the division of assets and a custody agreement that serves the best interests of the children. Post-divorce therapy focuses on helping the couple digest the stark transition from legally bound to no longer married. In this sometimes harsh transition of realities, a therapist will provide perspectives, practices, and therapies for gracefully transitioning.

A Divorce Therapist’s Role in the Outcome of Your Divorce Case

The presence of a divorce therapist can have an important impact on the outcome of a divorce. Due to the emotional unpacking that can take place during this relationship therapy, underlying issues that may have erupted into resistance or unwillingness to come to an agreement can be resolved, creating space for a peaceful settlement that doesn’t require the involvement of the courts in litigation.

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Between a trusted divorce lawyer and a skilled divorce therapist, you can ease into life after divorce swiftly and well-prepared. In addition to being a team that could change the trajectory and outcome of your divorce settlement in New Jersey, a divorce lawyer at the Montanari Law Group, and divorce therapist will help you manage the legal and personal stresses of such a marked time in your life.

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