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Disorderly Conduct Attorneys Passaic County, NJ
Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly Conduct is a broad term which may refer to a criminal charge stemming from a fight, public argument, public intoxication, or failure to comply with law enforcement. Compared to other charges such as assault, disorderly conduct is a relatively minor offense, though it may still lead to a jail sentence, fine and a permanent stain on your criminal record.

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Disorderly Conduct Definition N.J.S.A. 2C:33-2 Wayne, NJ Disorderly Behavior Lawyers

Pursuant to the New Jersey Revised Statutes Section 2C33-2, a person is guilty of a petty disorderly persons offense if he or she acts with improper behavior in such a way as to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk by acting any of the following ways.

  • Fighting in public
  • Threatening to harm others
  • Publicly partaking in violent behavior
  • Acting recklessly in the proximity of others
  • Creating a hazardous or a physically dangerous condition which serves no legitimate purpose
  • Using offensive language in a public place and with the intent to offend others with reckless disregard to surroundings
  • Using abusive language around or towards others
  • Otherwise acting in a way which may intentionally and aggressively disturb the peace

For our purposes, “Public” is considered any place which is likely to impact or affect other people or a place to which the general public or a large number of people have access. This includes streets, transportation hubs, schools, apartment complexes, businesses, recreational facilities, or neighborhoods.

Paterson Public Disturbance Attorneys and Potential Penalties and Punitive Measures

Disorderly Conduct is the lowest level offense which is still considered a criminal charge in New Jersey. Therefore, a disorderly conduct conviction will be shown on your public permanent record for potential employers, lenders, and other interested parties to see. In many cases, disorderly conduct offenders may move to expunge the record of conviction after a period of five (5) years, but that is not guaranteed.

Disorderly conduct proceedings are heard in the local municipal court where the incident took place. If convicted, individuals may face a maximum of 90 days in county jail and up to a $500 fine. Many judges will also issue a probation period, most commonly when jail sentences are dropped.

Little Falls, NJ Disorderly Conduct Lawyers Seek Reduced or Dismissed Charges

Due to the relatively minor nature of a disorderly conduct charge, our Little Falls attorneys will often seek to have the charges dismissed outright. We may also move to reduce to a lesser charge such as disturbing the peace or noise violation, which is not criminal charges and will not be marked on your permanent record. There are many defenses against disorderly conduct charges in New Jersey including:

  • The defendant acted in self-defense which may have led to aggressive behavior including fighting or shouting
  • Actions of the defendant were reasonable and in fact, did not disturb the peace
  • The actions of authority figures such as law enforcement were illegal and the defendant’s actions were retaliatory to protect himself or herself
  • The facts of the case are based on circumstantial or otherwise insufficient evidence
  • Police or other law enforcement had no just cause to arrest the defendant in the first place
  • Your constitutional rights such as the right to free speech were violated
  • The accused may not have been of sound state of mind due to a disability

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If you have been unjustly charged with a disorderly conduct crime, or you just need legal representation to protect your rights, lean on our knowledge of the New Jersey Municipal Court system to defend your freedoms and strive to avoid damage to your reputation and your permanent record. Contact us online or call or Little Falls offices at (973) 233-4396 to speak with a member of our criminal defense team regarding your disorderly conduct charges in a free and confidential consultation today.


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