Common Misconceptions About Divorce

Designated among the Top 100 Trial Attorneys in the Nation by the National Trial Lawyers Association, Mr. Darren J. Del Sardo, ESQ. in the following video shares some of the most common misconceptions when dealing with divorce issues.

Common Concerns About the Outcome of Divorce

A lot of people come in and they think that they will be left out on the street, that they will not have a penny, that they will not have a roof over their head, that their situation is going to change dramatically. That is not always the case. They are entitled to alimony. They are entitled to equitable distribution, despite what their soon to be ex-spouse is telling them. A lot of times, their spouse puts fear in their minds, makes them afraid to even go and see a lawyer, tells them that they will not be able to see their children, that they will not be able to survive, that they will not be able to put food on the table. Most of the time this is completely false.

Family Courts of NJ Promote a Law of Equity

This family law and the family courts are a law of equity. It is not to deprive one person of everything and give everything to the other person. It is to find common ground. It is to find equitable interest. You are not going to spend 20 years of your life with someone and just because you never worked and they worked, you are not going to walk away with anything. You are going to most likely maintain or at least come close to maintaining the same lifestyle that you had when you were married. And we understand that there’s going to be some changes. There’s going to be some changes with custody. You are not going to, perhaps, be a family unit, but again you are going to move on from that and that is important to express to a client during the first consultation.

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