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5 Tips To Post Divorce Job Hunting Wayne NJ

5 Tips To Post Divorce Job Hunting Wayne NJ

For many people, after divorce life includes going back to work. It can be overwhelming, but keep in mind that it’s part of the new, post-divorce life adventure. In case you might feel unqualified or unprepared, we have good news!

It’s probably safe to say that the workplace has changed over the years along with employer’s or recruiter’s criteria. For one thing, there is greater consideration given to transferable skills these days.

This means you’re not restricted to what your last job was or the subject matter of your college major. If you’ve been a stay at home parent or homemaker, you likely have budget management skills, are organized, responsible, punctual/able to meet deadlines and have decision-making abilities.

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Whatever your circumstances, it’s a good idea to get prepared. Consider the following checklist to encourage you in your job search.

1. Decide what you want to do.

Decide what you want to do and where A few ways to get started are to think about places where you think you’d like to work. Then, visit their websites to see what jobs are announced. It’s okay to consider new career options, too. These are some questions you might ask yourself:

• Do you love working with people? If so, maybe a customer relations or sales job would be a good fit.
• Do you prefer to work part- or full-time?
• Do you need a job with flexible hours?
• Is reliable family healthcare high on your list of priorities?

2. Make a list of skills that you have.

Aim to change your self-concept from stay-at-home parent or homemaker to a productive contributing person in the workplace. Think about how having been the PTA president or girls’ sports coach for the past four years qualifies you for project management, customer service or public relations position.

Try writing a 2-4 sentence elevator speech about what kind of job you’re looking for, your relevant skills sets and include why you’d be good in that position. Then, practice saying it to your kids, friends, and family. With practice, you’ll be able to express yourself more naturally when you run into someone who’s in a professional position to refer you.

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3. Update your resume, and your LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Apply for jobs and send your resume online The first function of a resume is to get someone to invite you to interview. It needs to be well written with certain keywords that recruiters are looking for as they scan it.

Keep in mind that recruiters don’t usually read resumes word for word. They don’t have time! Instead, they quickly scan, spending about 8-10 seconds considering a resume. Your resume needs to catch their eye and professional interest to receive real consideration. It could be worth asking for resume-writing assistance.

By the way, make sure your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) are neutral. Employers and recruiters routinely check these, so it’s about creating a good pre-first impression (the first one is the interview). You don’t want to put someone off whose views about politics, religion and other issues are different than yours.

4. Use your network!

Your network is probably bigger than you think! Another universal truth in the world is that people really do want to help other people! Have your elevator speech ready and don’t worry if their response is mild. You’re successful by just getting the word out. If you’re asked, be ready to say how they can help you: “I’d really like to meet someone who works in the marketing department of ABC Company.” Or, “I’m considering sales, do you know a recruiter or anyone who I could contact at XYZ Agency?”

5. Practice interviewing. Your new post-divorce job is just ahead

Interviewing is a skill that requires preparation. You might ask your new recruiter contacts on LinkedIn for interview tips and watch some YouTube videos to coach yourself. (If they respond, you’ll know more than you knew before. If not, oh well!) You should be ready to answer questions like: “Why do you think this job or employer is a good fit for you?”; and be aware of some interview “don’t dos.

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