Losing a Job and Modifying Alimony Passaic County NJ

Losing a Job and Modifying Alimony Passaic County NJAlimony is an important component of many divorce agreements in New Jersey, and is designed at the time of the divorce to help both parties maintain the lifestyle they were accustomed to during the course of their marriage. However, when certain important circumstances change in the lives of either party involved in the alimony agreement, that agreement may be modified to reflect those changes.

One such changed circumstance is that of the supporting party losing his or her job. After ninety (90) days of unemployment, the supporting party, with the help of an experienced Passaic County alimony attorney, may petition the courts to modify their alimony agreement to reflect the changed economic circumstances the loss of employment has caused, based on the New Jersey alimony statute N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23.

Filing for a Wayne NJ Alimony Modification

In order for an alimony modification petition to be successful, the petitioning party and their Woodland Park alimony attorney must be able to show that circumstances have changed permanently, and that these circumstances warrant a modification of the existing alimony agreement.

However, the mere fact of loss of employment is not a guarantee of success in your alimony modification petition. The deciding court will consider many different factors, and it is important that you retain experienced legal counsel to help you through this process, and present compelling and accurate evidence which supports the need for your alimony modification petition.

What a Woodland Park Alimony Modification Court Will Consider

During your Passaic County alimony modification hearing, the judge will consider a number of different factors when making their decision, including:

  • Why the petitioning party lost their job
  • The health, age, and ability of both parties to secure future employment
  • The efforts made by the petitioning party to find new employment
  • Whether these efforts are reasonable and in good faith
  • The supported party’s income and ability to support themselves
  • The severance package (if any) given to the petitioning party
  • The extent of the financial strain placed on both parties due to the loss of employment
  • Any other factors the court deems relevant to the alimony modification petition

Of course, many of these considerations are subjective, and as such, it is important that you retain the counsel of an experienced Passaic County alimony attorney to help you present your case to the court. Many of these factors are open to interpretation, and unlike child support determinations, alimony courts are given a great deal of discretion when it comes to weighing these different factors and rules on how to best protect the financial interests of both parties involved.

Resolving a Clifton Alimony Modification

Should you and your Passaic County alimony attorney be successful in convincing the court of the need to modify your alimony payments due to loss of employment, several different outcomes are possible. The alimony court may decide to order a temporary modification to your alimony agreement while you search for new employment. Or, they may order a permanent reduction in alimony payments should they feel this modification is justified and needed. They may also order that alimony be paid through other means such as the sale of assets or investments.

Additionally, alimony courts may also order periodic reviews of your employment status in order to monitor your continued ability to make alimony payments.

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