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Trust is the foundation where human connections can grow. Life itself is a continuous construction of relationships where trust plays a critical role. Marriage doesn’t escape that reality. Unfortunately, the life circumstances that tend to arise in the wake of addiction can and will threaten a couples’ confidence in each other. The addiction can leave its mark on everyone involved from children, to extended family and friends, to the partners themselves. As a result, things can spiral quickly and in a lot of cases will prove to be the catalyst that ends a partnership or marriage.

For a long time addiction was thought of as an exclusive problem of drugs or alcohol, however today that concept has been extended to certain behaviors such as gambling, sex, video games and even the abuse of certain activities that in almost every instance are considered positive and/or necessary human behaviors such as excessive exercise, compulsive weight management and eating related disorders. The core problem does not lie only in the addiction itself, but much of the burden to the couple materializes due to the consequences or aftermath that these actions have on everyday life. It is clear that the challenges related to any and all addictions can weigh heavily on any relationship, and in the case of a marriage, can drive a disintegration of trust that will inevitably lead to divorce.

More than twenty-four million Americans are addicted to drugs and alcohol according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. According to some statistics, approximately 50% of alcoholics believe that their marriage could end in divorce because of their addiction. The same can be said for individuals who battle other addictive behaviors such as use of drugs, gambling, sex among other activities that confine the individuals in a vicious cycle of behavioral issues that almost always will have severe and long term negative impact on any relationship.

Attorneys at The Montanari Law Group are acutely aware of the reality and rampant nature of addiction in society today. With many years of experience handling cases and clients who are facing these difficult moments in their relationship, our family law team are prepared to guide clients through the reality that many couples face due to addictions and their consequences. Call today or contact us for a free and confidential consultation and let us counsel you through the transcendental decisions your are facing and educate you to make the best decisions for you and your family to deliver the most favorable outcome possible.

Wayne Divorce Attorneys Understand the Consequences of Addiction

The reality of families involved in cases of addiction, lead to a series of consequences. Some of the ramifications that marriages face  because of addictions are summarized in the section below:

Financial Problems Create Resentment and Residual Guilt

The vast majority, not to say that all addictions have a high price not only for the relationship, but also in monetary terms. Rounds in the bar, bets or compulsive purchases lead to financial damage in family budgets. Financial problems are the number 1 aspect in terms of negative impacts on  marital relationships as indicated by the statistics.

Excessive Pressure Puts Stress on both Parties

By dedicating not only their money, but also time in the addictive problematic behavior, there is a gap in the couple and one of the two ends up doing the work that corresponds to two people. There is an overload in many areas including  financial, support for the children (if there are children involved), emotional, which all adds up to increasing pressure to one or both spouses.

Professional Problems Effect Finances, Sense of Well Being, and Reputation

The addictions do not discriminate and materialize not only in the home or in the couples private relationship, but in many cases they also become very noticeable in the work environment. Performance of the addicted party often suffers; co-workers begin to notice a number of different signs and behavior changes. These changes in the workplace can have a “global” effect, meaning it attacks all parties. The employer becomes suspicious, loses, confidence, and supervisors may decide that there a grounds for dismissal. The spouse of the addicted party is impacted not only financially, but the couple’s reputation can be impacted in a negative way. Finally, the employed/addicted party will almost certainly feel shame and embarrassment, which can lead to more destructive behaviors that make it tough for a married couple to rebound from.

Addiction in Relationships Can Lead to Irreparable Circumstances

In addition to the above, the relationship can end up in shambles as a result of the combination of the following:

  • a loss of confidence
  • drastic emotional changes
  • loneliness
  • infidelity

…all of which can leave individual(s) with no where else to turn but to a professional of some kind. There are different ways in which the couple can seek help to solve their problems because of the addiction. After that help in some cases the recommendation of and experienced family law and divorce attorney is to initiate a divorce process. During those difficult times, when facing seemingly impossible decisions, the attorneys at The Montanari Law Group can be your ally to offer quality legal advice that fits your needs.

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