Why Hire a New Jersey Certified Civil Trial Attorney for your Personal Injury Claim?

Retain a NJ Certified Civil Trial Attorney and Protect the Rights of You and Your Family

Finding the right personal injury attorney can be a confusing ordeal. If you don’t have experience working with a personal injury attorney in the past, you may seek a referral from a loved one or venture into the seemingly never-ending yellow pages of the phone book. Both of these options can leave you misinformed or simply overwhelmed.

The New Jersey Supreme Court understood this problem of inundation of the civil law market with attorneys who are not all of equal quality of standard. The Court directed the Board of Attorney Certification of New Jersey to develop and deliver a certification program that would raise the competence of competition in the state. A New Jersey Certified Civil Trial Attorney has met many measures to demonstrate competency at a high level in civil trial law and have the skill and experience necessary for the courtroom.

Is it important to retain a Certified Civil Trial Attorney to file my injury claim?

There are many personal injury attorneys out there, what separates us from others is that we have invested a lot of time, a lot of experience, a lot of energy into focusing on personal injury and civil litigation. I myself have taken courses, have tried cases, have studied in order to receive my Civil Trial Certification by the New Jersey Supreme Court to represent your interest. Yes, it is great accolades for me, but I do it for the client, so they know that they have hired an attorney that is up to date in the Law. That can handle themselves in the courtroom and that has the knowledge and experience to do that.

What requirements have a certified civil trial attorney met?

Those who demonstrate a determined level of skill, education, knowledge, and experience in civil trial practice are granted certification by the New Jersey Supreme Court. A certified civil trial attorney is a specialist who

  • has been a good-standing member of the New Jersey bar for at least five years,
  • is up-to-date on fulfillment of continuing legal education requirements,
  • has been reviewed by attorneys and judges familiar with their work and been found to have met high standards,
  • and has passed the civil trial law written test required as part of the certification process.

Is a certified civil trial attorney really worth it?

As of 2017, there were about 75,000 active lawyers in New Jersey. At that time, only about 1,650 of those lawyers held a specialty certification, including all of the five specialties, discussed below. That makes for a relative few who had demonstrated their competence in civil trial law, a wise choice for your personal injury legal needs.

In what ways can I expect a certified civil trial attorney to support me with my personal injury case?

A certified attorney will conduct an initial case assessment to determine whether or not there is sufficient evidence to file a lawsuit. In the case that the client is the defendant, they will see what evidence exists that can support a defense of a potential (or current) lawsuit. An experienced attorney will interview the client, locate and interview witnesses, gather documentary evidence and information, and investigate the facts of the dispute.

A certified civil trial attorney is also experienced in the process of drafting and filing pleadings and motions with the court to initiate or counter a lawsuit. There may be rounds of pretrial motions that may be undergone, and then a required request for and exchange of all pertinent information between the plaintiff and defendant, which constitutes a process of discovery. Pre-trial preparation will include preparing the client for cross-examination and gathering expert witnesses to build the case.

The trial itself will have the civil trial attorney completely occupied, as they will be in a cycle of presenting their case before the judge and preparing for coming court sessions. The preparation that goes into readying for jury selection is essential to the trajectory of the case. Each step that follows could mean the difference between winning and losing the case. A certified civil trial lawyer is seasoned and skilled in navigating such a high-stress environment.

Of course, at any point during the lawsuit, settlement can be reached if it is in your mutual best interests. A certified civil trial attorney is certainly skilled in this.

What if I want a certified attorney that doesn’t deal with personal injury law?

An attorney can become a specialist recognized by the New Jersey Supreme Court and the Board of Attorney Certification in five different areas. Attorneys who hold a specialty in personal injury law and other civil matters are certified, civil trial attorneys. However, the Board of Attorney Certification awards specialty certifications in criminal trial law, matrimonial law, workers’ compensation law, and municipal court law as well.

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