What To Do When Custody Exchanges Are Difficult

What to do when custody exchanges are difficult

Custody exchanges can be stressful for divorced or separated parents, and it can be very difficult not to put your children in the middle. When ex-partners set up their own households, and possibly start seeing or living with a new person, it drastically changes the dynamic of the situation. It’s easy for emotions to take over. Understanding why this happens and the steps you can take to mitigate this issue can help you navigate these issues until you get used to the new normal.

When a relationship ends, it takes time to go through the range of emotions and grieve what might have been. This can mean that while you or your partner initially feel a sense of relief or excitement at the prospective of your new life, this may not be the case a few months or years.

Whenever emotions run high, so can tempers. It’s easy to take out your frustrations about your relationship or partner during custody exchanges. This can lead to outbursts and putting the kids in the middle.

While it may be hard to imagine now, there is every possibility that your situation with your ex and the needs of your children will change significantly in the coming years. If you find that the terms of your custody arrangement or visitation schedule no longer meet the best interests of the children, you may need to seek out an adjustment to one or both of these through the courts. At The Montanari Law Group, we can talk with you about your situation and help you better understand your options.


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