What Is Alimony

What is alimony?

In today’s modern times, where both parties in a marriage often work and contribute to the family income, the concept of alimony may seem largely outdated. However, there are still many couples who decide to have one person be the primary breadwinner so the other can be in the home to care for the children. When these couples make the difficult decision to divorce, alimony can then become a primary factor in the divorce settlement.

Alimony is basically designed to ensure that one person does not come out of the marriage in a poor economic position just because of the divorce. Alimony is most often an issue in marriages where there was a high standard of living or one person put a career on hold or did not pursue higher education options or career advancement opportunities because of the family commitments.

However, just because alimony is a possibility when discussing the divorce settlement does not mean you should automatically agree to the payments. It’s important to understand that every aspect of a divorce is subject to negotiation, and while there are definitely places for compromise and agreements, there may also be times where it is in your best interests to take the issue to trial and present your case before a judge.

If this happens, it’s important to have knowledgeable legal representation with you who can help guide you through the process and work to protect your interests. Family law can be extremely complicated and nuanced, and gathering as much information as possible is just the first step toward resolution.

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