With The Right Help Child Custody Doesnt Have To Be Stressful

With the right help, child custody doesn’t have to be stressful

For some New Jersey parents, determining child custody during a divorce can be one of the most emotionally trying events that he or she may ever go through. While the process of determining child custody can be overrun by high-charged emotions, we know that most parents really do want what’s best for any children involved. Taking this attitude to heart can make sorting this issue out a little easier.

When possible, it is generally more favorable for two parents to come to an agreement about child custody without involving the courts. For some, mutual negotiations may suffice. Understandably, others might be less inclined to work amicably with an ex, and so the couple could instead turn to mediation. The mediator will be an impartial third party, but individuals often choose to bring their counsel to make sure that their rights are being upheld.

For couples who are unable to work together or agree on the suggestions made by the mediator, litigation may be the next appropriate course of action. While most parents do have the best interest of a child in mind when pursuing custody, the courts must stick to a guideline when determining what that best interest actually is. In total, the courts review 16 different statutory factors when determining child custody.

We know that heading to court over child custody can be a nerve wracking ordeal, but the statutory factors that a New Jersey court will consider are written in a broad manner. Our firm has the experience and knowledge that it takes to ensure that any interpretation of these factors is indeed in a child’s best interests. For those who may be curious about additional options for child custody or who need more information about the options we just discussed, please feel free to visit our website.


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