Are More Men Receiving Child Support In New Jersey

Are more men receiving child support in New Jersey?

People who hear about a child support battle taking place in New Jersey might automatically assume that it’s the mother who is fighting for financial help from her child’s father. However, in modern society, an increasing number of women are the ones who are paying child support. This is because more dads today are serving as primary caretakers and parents in their households while the moms are climbing the ladder in their careers.

The trend of more working moms and stay-at-home dads means that when a divorce happens, the assumption that the father is the chief breadwinner no longer exists. In the past, the mom often received spousal or child support and got primary custody of the children. Nowadays, if the mom is the main breadwinner, she is legally expected to assume responsibility for paying child support as well as spousal support, depending on the specifics of the case.

In 2011, one-sixth of fathers had full or primary custody of the kids. This was nine times more than the number of fathers who were in this category back in 1960. In addition, 30 percent of those dads received child support, compared with 50 percent of moms in the same situation.

If the court has to get involved in a couple’s child support or spousal support dispute, the judge will look at factors such as whether one party needs financial support, the other party’s ability to make support payments and how long the marriage lasted. If one spouse did not work outside of the home in order to primarily care for the kids, this individual likely will receive financial support from the other spouse. It is within the rights of both spouses to seek their best interests when trying to resolve child support issues in New Jersey.

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