Man Arrested For Trying To Intimidate Ex In Child Custody Dispute

Understandably, disputes over child custody can make tempers flare. Anger is a natural response to the frustrating obstacles that may arise between you and your time with your child. However, parents should always remember — and repeat to themselves if necessary — that the child’s well-being is the top priority in every situation.

In other words, disagreements between parents should not interfere with a child’s sense of safety and stability. As best as they can, parents involved in child custody disputes should keep a cool head.

It was recently reported that one father failed to do that.

The man has a child with his ex-girlfriend, who reportedly is engaged to be married to someone else. The father and the mother are in a dispute over the custody of their child, and police say the father took a rash and illegal measure to try to intimidate his ex into “softening her position” in the dispute.

According to authorities, the man sent a letter and some photos to his ex-girlfriend. The photos apparently depict the woman partially nude, and the man threatened to send the images to her new partner’s parents.

The correspondence was reported to police, and the father was arrested and charged with obscenity and disorderly conduct.

Authorities are becoming increasingly savvy to the kinds of bullying and abuse that can not only threaten a person’s safety, but also affect outcomes in family court. Harassment, abuse, assault — these are all serious matters that should be addressed through the proper legal channels as soon as possible.

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Source: Voices, “Cops: Man threatened to send nude photos of ex in child custody fight,” Mitch Armentrout, April 14, 2014


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