Celebritys Divorce Includes Loss Of Unique Memento To Ex Wife

Celebrity’s divorce includes loss of unique memento to ex-wife

When couples divorce here in New Jersey, state laws require an “equitable distribution” of shared marital assets and property. Most of the time, this means a 50-50 split of property and assets that can be appraised.

But what about items with sentimental or uniquely personal value? How do you determine how much these items are worth? A recent story about celebrity divorce highlights this issue.

Earlier this month, a divorce was finalized between Dan Auerbach and his wife. Auerbach is the frontman for the music group “The Black Keys.” The couple decided to call it quits after being married for four years and giving birth to a daughter.

For the most part, the settlement was typical enough for a wealthy couple. Auerbach gave his wife $5 million, a car and one of the homes they owned. But her portion of the settlement also contained an item that has raised some eyebrows: a lock of hair from the head of singer-songwriter Bob Dylan.

It’s not entirely clear how the couple came to own some of Bob Dylan’s hair, or how long they’ve had it. To some, it’s probably a mystery as to why anyone would want it. Nonetheless, Auerbach agreed to give up the piece of music memorabilia in order to finalize the divorce from his wife.

This case shows that during divorce, nearly every asset is inventoried and put on the negotiating table. While you might not own a lock of celebrity hair, chances are good that you own something with unique value. In order to protect your ownership of it, you should make your family law attorney aware of your wishes.

Source: TIME, “Follicle Fail: Black Keys’ Star Loses ‘Bob Dylan’s Hair’ in Divorce,” Melissa Locker, Aug. 26, 2013


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