What to do after sustaining an injury in an accident or slip and fall?

Our founding partner, Darren J. Del Sardo, Esq. a certified civil trial attorney by the New Jersey Supreme Court, in the following video describes the importance of documenting your injuries after a car accident or slip and fall accident to avoid any issues in the future.

When you are involved in an accident, most people do not know what to do because you are concerned about your injuries. But there is a difference between being injured and documenting your injury so you can present this one day to an insurance company to make a claim. A lot of people are injured that are involved in an automobile accident or in a slip and fall. They may focus on an injury and the pain, that is the greatest in a certain area in the body without mentioning other parts even though they are injured. They have to focus on all areas because is a big question down the road.

Why is it important to retain an experienced attorney?

These are things that an experienced attorney has to share with a client when they come in here, let us say the day after an accident, to make sure they are detailed in their explanation because one day it could be used against you to say you really were not injured, even though you were. You have to protect your rights, you have to place the right parties on notice to protect your interest. You have to know what the law is to protect your interest, that is why you need an experienced attorney to guide you through. We will guide you through it. We will tell you everything, I will share my personal legal experience with you, my personal experiences with you to guide you through. It is about you being comfortable, you understanding what your rights are as a client and proceeding.

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