When You Need A Restraining Order

When you need a restraining order

In even the best of circumstances, a divorce is an extremely emotional event, and it’s not unusual for tempers to flare during this time. In some cases, domestic violence issues may be the cause of the divorce, but in others, these kinds of problems don’t come about until the courts are already involved and the separation is in motion.

No matter why or when a domestic violence incident takes place, protecting your safety is the most important priority. It’s important to understand that there are types of behavior that can warrant getting a restraining order that go beyond actual physical violence. A family member threatening physical harm, exhibiting stalking behaviors or destroying your personal property are all possible grounds for requesting a restraining order.

While many people think of restraining orders as geared toward women who are victims of domestic violence, any person — regardless of age or gender — who is being threatened or harmed by a family member may be able to get a restraining order. In many cases, the restraining order will be granted on a temporary basis at first so that the victim is immediately protected from the threat of harm. Once the hearing has taken place, the judge may decide to make the restraining order final.

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