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Domestic Violence and Child Custody

Courts in New Jersey, and anywhere else in the US, take the subject of domestic violence very seriously, especially if there are children involved. The rate of domestic violence has gone down over the years but it is still present in many households, and continues to be one of the main factors leading to divorce.… Read More

Cohabitation and Alimony Modification

In any divorce case, alimony plays a key role as one spouse is expected to financially support the other. Since alimony is a legal obligation in New Jersey divorces, it is not something that can be avoided, refusing to pay alimony can lead to contempt of court and even jail time. The total amount of… Read More

Financially Preparing for your Divorce

Making the ultimate decision to pursue a Passaic County divorce is never easy. As difficult as this decision may be, that’s only the first step, there are many more decisions that need to be made. While your Clifton divorce attorney can definitely help you with some of these difficult decisions, one thing you can do yourself… Read More

Reducing Alimony Payments Before You Retire

There are many different cases when it is in an alimony payor’s best interest to seek a modification of their alimony payments. In general, alimony modifications can only be pursued when there is a change in circumstance which would warrant a modification, for example loss of employment, or an injury or illness which would affect… Read More

Why You Need a Divorce Attorney

Many people have the misconception that divorce attorneys just make divorces more complicated and expensive. They fight for things that you don’t really care about, and charge a lot of money to do so. While there are certainly divorce attorneys who fit this description, it is important to remember the many crucial things a good… Read More

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