How Third Party Custody Claims Work in New Jersey

August 13, 2022

Grandparents or Other Parties May be Able to Apply for Custody in the Event that Biological Parents are Declared Unfit. It is surprising when child’s custody does not remain with their parents, but it is something that is becoming more prevalent.  When parents are unfit due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment of their child, mental or physical health problems may leave parents unable to care for their child. When that happens, grandparents, family members, or close friends step in to […]

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Identifying Unfit Parents in New Jersey

April 29, 2022

Trustworthy Family Lawyers Discussing What Makes an Unfit Parent in Clifton, Wayne, Woodland Park, and Passaic County, NJ It is said that parenting is the hardest job on earth because our children don’t come with an instruction manual. Every child is different and therefore their individual needs are different.  If you add a divorce into the mix, you have the perfect storm ripe and ready for the possibility of someone becoming an unfit parent.  No one chooses to be an […]

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