Is Supervised Parenting Mandatory in Divorce Cases?

May 25, 2021

Supervised parenting or supervised visit orders are ordered by the Court whenever there is a risk for children to suffer abuse, even though only 10% of the allegations are substantiated. A Suitable Option to Visit the Children Supervised visitation is the only option that some parents have to share time with their little ones. It is thought of as the best option to see their children, at least until the supervised time is no longer needed, although it is not […]

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Temporary Child Custody

February 19, 2018

Time does not stand still during a divorce. For parents, this may lead to a difficult transition period before a permanent child custody agreement can be signed. Temporary child custody in New Jersey can sometimes be amicably arranged outside of the courtroom between spouses. For those who are not in agreement or even for those who simply wish to have a formal temporary child custody order, our firm is here to help. Today, we will discuss how to motion for temporary child […]

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