Key Tips for Winning a Custody Case in New Jersey

February 17, 2022

There are many factors involved in custody cases, and you want to put yourself in the best position to win yours. There is nothing more important to a parent than their children. A child’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being is the primordial concern of every parent. Unfortunately, parents can lose sight of this during a divorce and use their children as bargaining chips or weapons to punish one another. Relevant Information Required to Prepare Your Case in NJ The first […]

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How to Successfully Navigate Child Custody Mediation During a Divorce

August 24, 2016

  A contested divorce can be a challenge.  And when child custody issues exist, an already stressful situation may intensify.  When the parties are not in agreement about child custody, you may participate in a custody evaluation during a divorce, also known as custody and parenting time mediation.  During the mediation, the parties meet with a court appointed mediator, to try to come to an agreement about custody.  Both parties are asked to comment on the lives, schedules and preferred […]

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