Role of Parenting Coordinators in New Jersey

February 22, 2022

Dedicated Family Lawyers discuss the Purpose of a Parenting Coordinator in Finding Resolution to Custody and Parenting Issues The New Jersey Superior Court, Family Part has as its central pillar the best interests of any children involved in cases. As such, they are invested in the child spending as much time with each birth parent as is safe and healthy for the child. However, when co-parents do not get along and either passively or actively undermine the court-enforced parenting time […]

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The Importance of Witness Credibility in Passaic County Family Law Cases

October 9, 2019

Child Custody Attorneys Discuss Witness Credibility When Serving Passaic County and Northern NJ Clients in Wayne, Clifton, Paterson, with offices in Woodland Park It is common for a family law or divorce lawyer who wants to strengthen their case to introduce witnesses to testify on their client’s behalf. However, before any attorney introduces the testimony of such witnesses as part of their child custody case, it is crucial that they determine if the potential witness is credible or not. A […]

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