Effects of Family Trusts During Divorce in New Jersey
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The Affect of Divorce on a Family Trust in New Jersey

October 9, 2022

Examining the Particular Terms of the Trust Should be the First Step on Your To-Do List when Divorce is Looming A trust exists when a property and asset holder, known as the Grantor, transfers the benefits for management by a third party, known as the Trustee.  Sometimes, the Grantor and the Trustee are the same people.  Those who receive the benefits of the trust are called beneficiaries.  Trusts are a way to manage estate and inheritance taxes and protect the […]

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Estate Planning & Setting Up Trusts in NJ for Heirs With Substance Abuse Problems

September 15, 2021

Are you a parent or grandparent unsure about how to responsibly provide for your child or grandchild suffering with an addiction or substance abuse problem? Maybe you have a relative in a similar condition that you are hesitant to include in your estate planning? Having witnessed the addict’s helplessness and loss of control over their life, finances, personal relationships, and possible criminal activity, you may be wondering if disinheriting them is the best way to show “tough love.” Prior to […]

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Creating a Living Trust in New Jersey

July 6, 2020

The process of estate planning is essential for ensuring that your assets are protected and properly distributed to your loved ones in death. Contact our Little Falls Estate Planning Attorneys Today. There are many different approaches to estate planning, and one way to ensure that your assets are protected during and after your life – as well as be able to enjoy their use during your lifetime – is to set up a living trust. Living trusts are also called […]

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Estate Planning & Child Power of Attorney During COVID-19: Why Parents Should Name a Temporary Guardian

June 3, 2020

Our approach gives our clients the personal connection and service they have come to expect from us, combined with the comfort that modern technology and the internet provides. The COVID-19 pandemic and the removal or a small number of children from the homes of parents incapacitated by COVID-19 has caused many families to consider earlier than expected, the idea of estate planning and naming a temporary guardian or caregiver for their child, via a child power of attorney (POA), should […]

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