Divorcing a Narcissist in Little Falls New Jersey

May 18, 2021

Learn more about some control tactics a narcissist may use when trying to keep you close and support yourself during your divorce with a narcissist. Divorce is a tumultuous experience no matter how amicable you and your ex are, but getting out of a relationship with a narcissist can come with extra baggage. According to the Mayo Clinic, a narcissistic personality disorder is a clinical mental disorder in which a person has an inflated ego and a diminished capacity for […]

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Domestic Violence, Your Safety is Paramount

November 24, 2016

There were over 62,000 domestic violence offenses reported by the police across New Jersey, in 2014. Documented offenses range from harassment and simple assault to assault and homicide. Taking action and calling the authorities when you are a victim of domestic violence is imperative to your safety and to the safety of your entire family. However, many individuals struggle to understand and identify that they themselves have suffered from a domestic assault or abuse. Often understanding if you are a […]

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