Meaning, Purpose, and Process of Bifurcated Divorce in NJ
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A Complete Guide to Bifurcated Divorce in New Jersey

June 30, 2024

NJ Bifurcated Divorce: Should You End Marriage Now, Deal with Reserved Issues Later? There are very few cases in which divorce is a cut and dry affair. Even spouses who get along face the challenging realities of equitably dividing their assets and debts, determining spousal support, agreeing on a child custody arrangement that is in the best interests of their children and fits their evolving needs, and addressing the countless little details involved in dissolving a marriage and a life […]

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Self-Employment Effects on Divorce Matters in NJ

June 25, 2024

Self-Employment and Divorce in New Jersey: Navigating the Legal Challenges for Self-Employed Individuals and Strategies for Success if Your Spouse Works for Themselves Divorce can be a very tenuous period of your life, especially if there are many issues being contested. Finances is a very common issue that is contested in a divorce, and it can get extremely complicated. If a spouse, or soon to be ex-spouse, is self-employed, it could be extremely easy for them to hide the amount […]

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Detrimental Effects of Divorce on Workers and Company Divorce Support Options in NJ
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Ways that Companies are Assisting Divorcing Employees

June 20, 2024

Divorce’s Detrimental Effects on Employee Performance and What Some Companies are Doing to Support their Workers in the Process It’s no secret that divorce takes a toll on a person’s mental, emotional, and financial wellbeing. What isn’t so often explored is the very real toll divorce takes on one’s professional capacities and productivity. Those who are going through or have ever gone through a divorce will attest to the reduction in energy one has to give to all aspects of […]

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When a Child Dies: Funeral Decision-Making for Divorced Parents in New Jersey

June 15, 2024

Arrangements and Disagreements over a Child’s Funeral when Parents are Divorced in New Jersey Losing a child is one of the most intense, horrific experiences human beings can have.  Whether the child is 3 or 30 years old, their death initiates a series of overwhelming sadness and grief.  Children are perceived by society as a gift to their parents, and when that gift is taken away, comfort and peace seem unattainable. As part of grief, bereaved parents ride a roller […]

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Inside Look at the Parent Education Program for Divorcing Parents in NJ

June 5, 2024

Going Through A Divorce With Children: New Jersey’s Parent Education Program Can Help You Navigate the Challenges of Co-parenting During and After Divorce. Just like they say a baby doesn’t come with a manual, neither does the journey of co-parenting, unless of course you have the benefit of participating in New Jersey’s Parent Education Program (PEP). The PEP was created by the state of New Jersey to help equip parents with the information and tools they need to navigate co-parenting […]

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