Family Law in the Age of Technology in New Jersey

February 12, 2022

Technology can affect your family law proceedings, such as divorce. It is essential to understand the impact your case and have the support of a skilled and dynamic family law attorney in this day and age. There’s no escaping it: technology plays a central role in most of our lives. Throughout the last decades, technological advancements have shifted our reality and perhaps even changed the trajectory of humanity. With so many of us constantly attached to our phones and computers […]

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Sharing Child Custody with a Difficult Ex

February 7, 2019

child custody laws and courts are of the belief that children of divorced parents should spend as much time as possible with both parents. Where courts used to tend to give the mother primary custody of the children, nowadays courts will generally rule for shared custody. Unless your former spouse poses a safety risk to the children, for example in the case of a history of domestic violence, after your divorce you should expect to share custody and visitation of your […]

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How to Position Yourself for Success in Divorce
Posted in: Divorce Family Law

How to Position Yourself for Success in Divorce

August 19, 2016

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, there were 2,140,272 marriages in the United States in 2014 and 813,862 divorces. Among the hundreds of thousands of divorces that occur among Americans each year, every situation is unique, based on the individuals and circumstances involved. The level of contentiousness in divorce exists on a spectrum, ranging from entirely amicable no-fault or uncontested divorces, to knock-down, drag-out battles that are litigated for years. Based on our extensive experience as New Jersey divorce lawyers […]

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