Learn About Your Rights in a Common Law Marriage in Passaic County, New Jersey
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Is Common Law Marriage Allowed in New Jersey?

February 14, 2023

Family Lawyers Discuss Common Law Marriages and Alternatives to Legally Protect Yourself as an Unmarried Couple in NJ. Many couples prefer living together rather than getting married.  To most, marriage is the highest level of commitment, demonstrating a profound willingness to stay together long-term, not only as partners in a relationship but as part of a legal union as well.  Others avoid marriage, deeming it unnecessary in today’s day and age.  In many states, a common law marriage bears as […]

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Historic Court Backlogs in NJ Divorce Court due to Coronavirus

October 20, 2020

Our Passaic County Family Lawyers are here to help you navigate the process even in the absence of a court date. Recently the Administrative Office of the Courts of New Jersey has released statistics on the court proceedings. Given the unprecedented closures required due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a huge backlog of cases awaiting trial in the New Jersey Superior Court: Family Part. This means that couples seeking a divorce, changes to their custody arrangements or new custody […]

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