Navigating Broken Promises in Co-Parenting

November 25, 2023

A Broken Promise, a Betrayal of Trust: How to Navigate Your Ex’s Breaking Promises to Your Children Many couples collaborate while settling their divorce to shorten the process and benefit the children.  It is always good if the split can be made with minimal arguing and negativity.  The attitudes displayed by the parents can greatly influence how the children perceive the process.  They are less stressed and more confident when there is less conflict.  When parents collaborate, communicate, and are […]

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Is It Legal to Know Who My Child Spends Time With and Where?

September 19, 2023

Outlining the Right to Know the Location and Company of Your Children and the Role of a Clear Custody Agreement in Your Case in Passaic County NJ Parenting, filled with its rewards, challenges, joys, frustrations, tenderness, boundaries, and relationships, is not effortless but absolutely one of the most profound and transformative experiences one can have in a lifetime. However, not all parenthood journeys, approaches to parenting, and parenting configurations are the same. The U.S. Census Bureau released estimates indicating 10.9 […]

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