Do I have to pay child support in New Jersey for a child that is not mine?

June 28, 2021

Read on to learn more about child support laws in New Jersey and how they may affect you if you are not the child’s biological parent. Being a parent is no easy task. Even more difficult is navigating co-parenting with an ex. Still, further issues arise when you are in a relationship with a parent, helping them raise their child, but you are not the child’s biological parent. So do you have to pay child support as a legal requirement […]

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Co-Parent Not Paying Child Support in Passaic County, NJ

May 21, 2018

Child support can be a significant financial burden for payors and a significant source of needed financial help for recipients. There are situations where a previously fair and tenable child support agreement may lead to co-parent being unable to make his or her support payments in New Jersey. Thankfully, there are practical and legal options available for parents on both sides of the coin. Individuals who are unable to make child support payments may strive to modify or terminate an existing child support agreement. […]

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