Non-Custodial Parent’s Guide to Negotiating an Extended Vacation with Your Kids

May 20, 2021

If you or a parent you know is having difficulty scheduling an extended vacation with their child, we can help. Post-divorce, child custody agreements for vacation-related parenting time can help parents and children alike embrace the new realities of their relationship and the adventures, discoveries, and experiences that come with it. Time away in new surroundings can help families in the midst of this pandemic, escape the weight of the daily stress and create new memories to last a lifetime. […]

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Working with a Co-Parent after Divorce

September 15, 2017

Any time two adults divorce, they are ending their legal and financial relationship with one another. However, if those same parties have children together they will enter into a new type of relationship, that of “co-parents”. The process of developing this new type of relationship isn’t always the easiest, but if you and your former spouse can find ways to work together as co-parents, it will greatly benefit the healthy growth and development of your children. Here are a few […]

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