How Healthcare Premiums Impact Child Support Calculations in New Jersey

May 24, 2024

Health Insurance is one of the collateral items that must be considered when providing for a child’s needs. Among divorced parents, there are several ways to handle who pays for the children’s healthcare. Child support issues are a common concern during divorce proceedings. It’s a fact that maintaining two households is more expensive than one. While the court strives to ensure the minor children’s standard of living remains stable after a divorce, this is often not a feasible economic reality. […]

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What Makes New Jersey’s Child Support Model Different?

April 4, 2024

A Comparison of Child Support Models in New Jersey and Other States When a family is no longer together, the emotional and physical changes are tough for everyone involved, especially when there are children. Child support is a way to continue to provide the same standard of living (or as close to it as possible) for the custodial parent and the children. Calculating child support is a complex process, even for the courts. There are guidelines that can provide direction, […]

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Entrust Your Gifted Child Child Support Case to the Seasoned Lawyers at Our Passaic County Law Firm
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Legal Perspectives on Gifted Children’s Child Support in New Jersey

January 18, 2024

Recent New Jersey Court Rulings Address the Financial Support Considerations for Nurturing the Talents of Gifted Children in West Orange, Montclair, Ridgewood, Franklin Lakes, and Northern New Jersey Every parent wants to believe that their child is gifted in some way. Whether reading at an early age or scoring goals on the soccer field, every child is a star in their parent’s eyes. But some children go above, and beyond the standard abilities one would expect from someone their age.  […]

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Inflation Challenges and Child Support Modifications

January 13, 2024

Inflation Reduces the Purchasing Power of Fixed Child Support Amounts, Making It Harder to Cover Everyday Expenses and Activities Crucial for Maintaining Children’s Lifestyles Inflation is an economic condition marked by rising prices, specifically, goods and services growing more expensive than in previous years. The Consumer Price Index measures price increases over a set period. By reviewing prices consumers pay for ordinary goods and services compared to other years, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates inflation rates. Ultimately, inflation means […]

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Child Support Amidst the Challenges of Holiday Gift-Giving

December 30, 2023

While It Might Be Tempting to Use Child Support for Gifts, It Is Important to Keep in Mind That These Payments are Specifically Allocated for the Everyday Needs of the Children Every parent knows that there are a few key times of the year that being a parent is extra expensive, with the back-to-school and holiday seasons topping the list. On Christmas, Hanukkah, and other special holidays, it warms a parent’s heart to see the joy in their children’s eyes […]

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