Addressing Imputed Income in NJ Child Support Cases

February 3, 2024

Imputed Income is Assigned by Family Courts to Non-Custodial Parents to Ensure They Fulfill Child Support Responsibilities Despite Unemployment or Underemployment. When a couple with a family divorces in New Jersey, the family court is focused on ensuring that the children’s needs will be met financially. Child support is the means through which non-custodial spouses are held accountable for contributing to expenses related to their children’s food, housing, medical, and educational expenses. Most parents work hard to make ends meet […]

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The Impact of Adoption on Child Support Payments

August 29, 2023

Discover What Happens to Child Support Payments Once Your Child is Adopted in New Jersey In addition to the many factors that come into play when making the important decision to give a child up for adoption or adopt a child, one must take into consideration the financial responsibilities that come with having parental rights. If you are considering adopting a child, contact our team of experienced family law attorneys at The Montanari Law Group to learn how we can […]

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Consequences of Failure to Pay Child Support While in Prison in NJ

March 5, 2023

Can my Child’s Other Parent Stop Making Payments if in Jail in New Jersey? With a dramatic increase in divorce rates and an incarceration rate that has increased by 500% in the past forty years, it is no wonder that child support issues arise when the payor of said support is in prison.  According to E.A. Carson’s article Prisoners in 2019, sourced by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, There are more than 2 million people incarcerated and another 5 million […]

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COVID-19 Stimulus Payments During Separation and Divorce in NJ

September 9, 2020

Many Americans are receiving Stimulus Checks as a result of the coronavirus stimulus package. Contact a Passaic County Divorce Attorney Today to Protect Your Rights These payments have generated questions regarding entitlement and their impact on property division, support, and child custody in the context of a divorce or separation. The starting point for a stimulus check is $1,200 per adult or $2,400 for married couples filing jointly, and an additional $500 per qualifying child (generally, a dependent child under […]

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