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Financial Setbacks and Alimony in NJ: How to Get Relief

May 14, 2024

Financial Hardship Can Be Especially Difficult for Those Paying Alimony, Who May Need to Go to Court to Get Their Payments Reduced in New Jersey Today’s families are working harder than ever to financially keep their heads above water. Even with a combined income, older cars, and a strict budget, many cannot save, let alone invest in their retirement. When divorce strikes, the expense of one household becomes that of two. Legal costs, extra transportation costs for parenting time, housing, […]

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Don’t Be Blindsided by Divorce: Ensure Fair Alimony with a NJ Prenup

May 9, 2024

When Drafting a Prenuptial Agreement, It Is Essential to Include Alimony Provisions to Protect Assets and Ensure Financial Support After Divorce in New Jersey The ring fits like a glove, and the wedding preparations are underway.  But while going to cake tastings and renting the tuxedos, consider the importance of a prenuptial agreement. Not only can it protect the assets of each soon-to-be spouse, but it can include a plan for alimony.   In New Jersey, spousal support, maintenance, and alimony […]

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Explore and Contrast Diverse Alimony Payment Methods in Passaic County, NJ
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Alimony Buyouts in New Jersey Divorce Cases

January 29, 2024

Either Spouse may have Reasons to Negotiate Alimony in a Lump Sum and Include it in a Marital Settlement Agreement. Get Perspective with a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Lump Sum Alimony Payments in NJ Divorce. When spouses divorce in New Jersey, it is often difficult for both of the spouses to maintain the standard of living they had as a married couple. In order to support a non-breadwinning spouse financially until they can get their feet on the ground after divorce, […]

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Evolution of Alimony and Gender-Neutral Concerns

December 10, 2023

New Jersey’s Family Law Now Ensures a Gender-Neutral Approach for Equitable Post-Divorce Financial Arrangements, Including Alimony. Over the years, the portrait of marriage and the picture of the family has evolved, challenging many old narratives, especially those that focus on and surround alimony and divorce. Often, these preconceptions hold tight to the fallacy that husbands should automatically be the ones to foot the alimony payments and the general notion that they are the primary earners. However, these are just anecdotes […]

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Is There a Way to Address Alimony Overpayments?

November 15, 2023

Our Family Lawyers Help You Wisely Navigate Alimony Issues to Avoid Financial Strain in Passaic County, NJ Alimony in New Jersey can be a title wave of frustration, bringing with it financial surprises, especially for the paying party. However, alimony should not include economic hardship or ongoing legal headaches. Are you tired of paying more alimony than you should be? Don’t let your hard-earned money go to waste or suffer through a major life change by being expected to meet […]

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