Losing a Job and Modifying Alimony Passaic County NJ

December 18, 2018

Alimony is an important component of many divorce agreements in New Jersey, and is designed at the time of the divorce to help both parties maintain the lifestyle they were accustomed to during the course of their marriage. However, when certain important circumstances change in the lives of either party involved in the alimony agreement, that agreement may be modified to reflect those changes. One such changed circumstance is that of the supporting party losing his or her job. After […]

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Back to Work Post Divorce Passaic County NJ

November 15, 2018

5 Tips To Post Divorce Job Hunting Wayne NJ For many people, after divorce life includes going back to work. It can be overwhelming, but keep in mind that it’s part of the new, post-divorce life adventure. In case you might feel unqualified or unprepared, we have good news! It’s probably safe to say that the workplace has changed over the years along with employer’s or recruiter’s criteria. For one thing, there is greater consideration given to transferable skills these […]

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Passaic County Separation or Divorce Could Affect Your 2018 Taxes Next April

October 31, 2018

Find out how your taxes could be affected by your divorce from Passaic County Lawyers serving clients in Woodland Park, Clifton, Wayne, Little Falls, West Milford, and Paterson how your 2018 income tax refund might be affected by your marital separation or divorce Contact us online at 973-233-4396 for an initial consultation, no charge. Claiming child tax deductions through divorce is different this year! The status of your relationship (separated or officially divorced) in 2018 will affect how you prepare […]

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